Luxury TV 2020 in the World

Here is the top 10 list of luxury tv 2020 in the world. Do you know luxurious television controls our life in many ways? Televisions can control our social value as well because if you have one of a television set from the list I am sharing, you are going to be treated specially. Many of us are happy with just an affordable useful TV. But some of us have different thoughts about this matter.

Let’s have a look on the list of expensive luxury tv in the world 2020 including price, brand, screen sizes, display types, resolutions, processors, technology, box included, warranty, etc.

1. Samsung QLED 8K – Luxury TV

Price: 8K regulation $3499 / 4K regulation $1798
Screen size: 82 inches
Box included: 1 box with internet, HDMI, USB
Display type: 16 times better than FHD
Pixels: 33 million
Warranty: 10 years
Resolution: 8k
Processor: Quantum processor
Technology: Quantum HDR 8, 100% ACQ LED technology
Specialty: ambient mood supportive, Google assistant, apple airplay, office 65

luxury tv in the world in 2020

This is the most powerful luxury television in the world now. It has started the era of smart TV. This device will give you a great experience. The device has 33 million pixels and 8k resolution so the details is very sharp. And picture quality is astonishingly clear. Everything looks real for it’s Quantum HDR 8 technology. This technology helps us getting HDR option up to 10+ including great dynamic range. This super powerful device has 100% color volume. You are unable to miss any smaller details or shades of color in this TV.

Color quality is very vibrant and life like specially the black level is very intensified. You can use this TV in different moods it’s not only a TV. You can match the wallpaper of your TV with the color of your room’s wall. When it is in ambient mood it consumes less power. It has a remote controller with premium and sleek look along with Google assistant, apple airplay, office 65, which makes your TV more than a mere TV. You can install different apps as well. Some customers complaints about their storage but still it is one of our best recommendations for you.

2. OnePlus TV Q1 Pro (Luxury TV)

Price: $1250
Screen size: 55 inches
Display type: QLED bezel less display
Type: smart TV OS, android, web OS
Warranty: 8 years
Resolution: 4k
Pixel: 2160
Processor: Gamma color magic processor
Technology: Quantum DOT technology, miracast screen, mirroring supporting
Specialty: Dolby vision, Dolby Atmos, receives software update for 3 years, Google assistant, apple airplay, office 65, Bluetooth 5.0, Amazon Alexa, voice control, HDMI, HDR, smart volume control
Speaker: 8 Speakers with 50w output
Thickness: less than 10 mm
Powered by: MediaTek MT5887

luxury tv in the world in 2020

The one plus TV runs on Oxygen OS TV along with android TV OS TV. This luxury tv support HDR Which gives us great picture quality with a sharp details. It has 8 speakers. The device can be controlled by remote and voice. Alexa and google assistant is also available. The remote has a dedicated prime video button. It has google play store for apps and a 3GB Ram. It’s bezel less display has a Kevlar finishing at the back. This device automatically reduces its volume when a phone call comes. Ports are hidden very neatly behind a magnetic back plate.

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3. Samsung PS63B680 – Luxury TV

Price: $3125
Screen size: 63 inches
Type: plasma
Color: ruby black
Warranty: 7 years
Resolution: 1920
Pixel: 1080
Display: FHD, 3D comb filter
Specialty: stereo playback, Google assistant, Bluetooth 5.0, HDMI, HDR
Speaker: 2 speakers with 30w output
Weight: 52.9 kg
Connectivity: HDMI input,VGA input, USB port

luxury tv in the world in 2020

This luxury TV has a stunning look. It will increase the beauty of your living room and change the experience of enjoying TV. This plasma has the great features ever, though this is a little heavy. Its display is 3D supporting and a full HD one. HDR supportive technology gives the display a sharp look and clear image.

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4. Sharp LB 1085 – Luxury TV

price: $1200
Screen size: 108 inch
Display type: LCD
Brightness: 400cd
Type: smart TV
Warranty: 10 years
Resolution: 1920
Pixel: 1080
Aspect ratio: 16:9
Processor: quantum processor
Specialty: DVI digital input, HDMI, HDR, smart volume control
Speaker: 3 speaker with 50 watts
Weight: 429 lbs.

luxury tv in the world in 2020

This is one of the best smart luxury TV with eye protecting feature. It has a black premium look. This one has a top fan base in online market. It cancels noise and presents a great life like picture. The brightness it gives is going to increase your watching experience. Survey says that this product has 89% customers positive review. This is worlds largest commercially available LCD screen available in Amazon.

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5. LG C9 (Luxury TV)

Price: $4997
Screen size: 77 inch
Display type: OLED display
Resolution: 3840
Pixel: 2160
Processor: a9 Gen 2 intelligent processor
Specialty: LG Thinq Al, Google assistant, apple airplay, Alexa, Dolby vision, Dolby atmos,HDMI 2.1 connectivity
Thickness: 0.1 inch
Weight: 55.6 pounds
Technology: webOS 4.0
Ports: 4 HDMI 2.1, 3 USB
HDR: Dolby Vision, HDR10, HLG
Audio: eARC improved version

luxury tv in the world in 2020

This super smart OLED TV comes in 3 different sizes with 3 different price tag. This is one of the positively rated luxury tv in the market. Highly qualified sound system and picture quality takes it to another level. Though some of the consumers often complaints about the price. It has a bezel less complete brushed metal finishing with web OS technology. It doesn’t have much weight and the device is so thin, so you can fix it anywhere you want. Famous product reviews say that this extraordinary slimness will make you look at it twice. it has a super fast intelligent processor. Netflix, Google play store, amazon video, Alexa is applicable here. HDMI will provide a great gaming experience. You can connect it easily with any apple device and can enjoy wireless sound system.
Consumers can easily book there one from amazon. It is one of our top recommendations.

6. Sony BraviaAF9

Price: $5205
Display: 65″
Resolution: 4k
Weight: 23.8 kg
Technology: Android
Storage: 16 GB
Ports: 1 Ethernet input, 1 RF connection input,2 IF connection, USB port
Audio: 13w output, Actuator and Subwoofer speaker
Connectivity: Bluetooth version 4.2, Wi-Fi

luxury tv in the world in 2020

Sony Bravia AF9 is another craze maker of the market. This smart luxury TV is powered by android and picture processor x1. The device is very light with very updated features. You can touch the beauty of everything u see in it. AF9 has contrast and color booster which gives it a masterclass clarity. It has actuator and subwoofer speaker which takes the sound into multiple dimension. Users are very satisfied with its service. This TV is available In online platforms.

7. Panasonic GZ2000

Price: $5726
Display size: 65″
Design: flat
Display type: OLED
Resolution: 4k
Specialty: HDR 10+, HCX pro Video processor,dolby vision,professional edition OLED panel,2.0 HDMI,WiFi, Bluetooth
Audio: 140w
ports: USB, Ethernet
Weight: 34 kg

luxury tv in the world in 2020

you will feel the difference between this one and the other OLED TV in the market just after a watch. Ports are neatly hidden behind a plastic back part. You can easily fixed it on any furniture because of it’s light weight. The sound and picture quality is going to amaze you certainly. HDR 10+ helps you getting sharp and detailed images. customers are highly satisfied with its gaming experience as well. Though poor app support is disappointing

8. Philips 55OLED804

Price: $1938
Display size: 55″
Technology: android 9.0
Weight: 22.5 kg
Specialty: Netflix, google assistant,alexa,tv lightshow technology
Dimensions: 71 x 123 x 5cm
ports: 4X HDMI, 2X USB

luxury tv in the world in 2020

If you want an improved TV watching experience go get the model. This is going to give you a sharp and vibrant feeling. It will increase the beauty of your living room by its super thin bezel less and light body. Only Philip has TV lightshow technology which creates a special sense of cinematic view. Colors are vivid as well. This is a great device for audio. Some customers are not satisfied enough with the dark details and the Motion processing.

9. LG E9

Price: $3297
Display size: 65″, 4k class
Resolution: 4K Ultra HD (3,840 x 2,160)
Ports: USB ports
Specialty: glass body,LG,dolby vision, Dolby atmos,alexa, google assistant, magic remote, Netflix connectivity, HDR10, Object Depth Enhancer, intelligent voice recognition
Processor: LG α9 Gen 2 Intelligent Processor
Audio: 60w output
Connectivity: Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, IP control, HDMI, smart phone connectivity

luxury tv in the world in 2020

LG never disappoints there customers. E9 is one of their best products. This smart device has every important things you need. Its sleek and stylist model will amaze you certainly. This is a best gaming TV according to the customers rating. Object depth enhancer gives a 3D effect while watching. You will get enough inbuilt app and fastest browser. This can be a living room friendly object for your home. This provides great sound quality. Password can be used as there is voice recognition. Don’t worry it has the coolest processor

10. Hisen O8B

Price: 65″ $599.99 / 50″ $379.99
Display size: 55″, 4k
Display type: ultra HD, OLED
Pixel: 8 million pixel
Ports: 2 USB ports
Specialty: Dolby vision, Dolby atmos,alexa, 4 HDMI, 1ARC,smooth motion, google assistant, Netflix connectivity, HDR10,deep black 10 bit color depth, 178 degree angle of visibility
connectivity: Wi-Fi, Smart phone, Bluetooth

luxury tv in the world in 2020

This device gives the best view from any angle. They say that every pixel is important and they provide 8 million pixels for their device. This is almost insane. You will be able to enjoy super cool color quality. Every shade is visible. This device is super slim but durable. They claim that their product is 50% faster than other’s. It is no more a problem if your cable network doesn’t work anymore because it is the era of smart TV such as Hisen O8B, you can simply brows in Netflix, prime video, G5 and on such things.

They claim that you can see everything clearly from anywhere, as they cover 178 degree customers say that it has sharp picture quality, great audio system, very stylish, easy to operate but some negative comment is also there for example their poor motion processing, color quality, weak darkness. But still this is One of a great TV you can have.

So, these are some coolest, smartest and luxurious TV which you can have in your collection in the year 2020.

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