Elements of Luxurious Lifestyle in 2019

What is a luxurious lifestyle? What we need to lead a luxurious life? What are the elements of luxurious lifestyle in 2019? Let’s get the latest answers.

No one can deny the fact that whatever we do and whatever we’ve done, we did it to make our lives more luxurious and comfortable. What is life if you can’t live it to its fullest? In other words, life isn’t completely life actually without luxury and comfort. No man on this earth wants to live a poor and miserable life unless he is a saint or a madman. Or unless he’s lying.

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But how can we call a life style luxurious without some essential elements? One may have enough money but if he doesn’t pour his money in these sections then his life style is hardly qualified as a luxurious life. Wondering what are those elements? The list starts here.

elements of luxurious lifestyle

1. Luxurious House    

Fancy this- you’re a Wall street billionaire. You’ve pursued a successful career by brooking shares and you own a giant brokerage company. But you live in a small apartment in downtown alley, not in a solid gold penthouse in the middle of New York City. As much as this thought is ridiculous, it is illogical too. Without having a luxurious house, it is impossible to live a luxurious life. A house that has huge space and beautiful decor, undeniably increases your luxury. It also shows that you’re a man with big pockets. Whether It’s a duplex or a condominium, a bungalow before beach or a penthouse in Las Vegas- a luxurious house is essential for leading a luxurious life.

elements of luxurious lifestyle

2. Expensive Foods

Food is the most important element not just for a luxurious life, rather is one of the fundamental need of a human being. The equation is very simple- you eat, you live; you don’t eat, you die. But if It’s the case, then how it is an essential element for leading a luxurious life? The answer is quite simple. People not just eat to live, they make art out of it. The French have a motto when it comes to food- if It’s not delicious, they won’t swallow it. And as art is expensive, delicious food cuisines like Chinese, Mediterranean, Thai, Indian, Japanese, Vietnamese, Continental, Szechuan, Cantonese, Arabic, Italian, Turkish, British, Bengali and many others also come with a price.

For example, French White Truffle sells for $1000 a pound. Madagascan Fuagra (fermented chicken liver) is so expensive that only a few have ever been lucky enough to taste it. If you want to taste a tablespoonful of original Russian White Sturgeon Caviar, you need to pay at least couple of hundred dollars. If you are a food adventurer and you wish to eat the best beef in the world, Tokyo offers you a A5 category Wagyu beef steak only for $400 dollars! In recent times, after the Instagram revolution, our perception about food has completely changed. People are willing to pay more and more for food; just to get a beautiful snap.

Food is not only food today, it has become a standard for luxurious life. The more you spend your time at a super expensive restaurant, your social media life gets more highlighted. And it is not just about what people think, it is also about how your taste buds scream in happiness and satisfaction. So, it is clear that eating food fuels your life but eating expensive food surely throttles your luxurious life.

elements of luxurious lifestyle

3. Luxurious Cars

You eat expensive and you live in a expensive house- what do you want now? Definitely a luxurious ride. It can be a classy old-school Harley Davidson ‘screaming hawk’ bike or it can be a stupidly expensive custom designed Lamborghini ‘Sesto Elemento’ car.

If you’re more of a flyer, then you buy a private jet or more extreme, jet skis. No matter what you own, luxurious personal vehicles are a symbol of one’s luxurious life.

elements of luxurious lifestyle

4. Luxurious Amenities

Access to luxurious amenities are as much important as anything else above. World class medical support, expensive higher studies, luxuries bed rooms, modern kitchen, spas and Jacuzzi, Branded Perfumes, Egyptian cotton made towels, best skincare products or pricey fitness devices – all are included in this list.

elements of luxurious lifestyle

5. Expensive Businesses

If you don’t have an never ending source of money, luxury of your life will surely end up at some point. Jobs actually don’t meet your expectations if you want to play in millions. That’s why having a very expensive business – for example, an import export business or something else is essential to lead a very luxurious life.

elements of luxurious lifestyle

6. Luxurious Clothing & Footwear

No matter how rich you are or how luxuriously you live, your luxury is incomplete if you don’t put on a $300 dollar suit sewed by Giorgio Armani or a Tuxedo designed by Versace. No matter how high you fly, your feet never left the surface if you’re not wearing a $700 dollars Air Jordan sneakers. Not just on the outside, fashion has taken over on inner too and nowadays most of the women has set Victoria’s Secret as their fashion statement. That’s why, after food, this is probably the most important element to lead a luxurious life.

7. Expensive Securities/ Body Guards

You’re an important man and you live a very luxurious life. It is then obvious that some people might want to harm you because of jealousy or other issues. So you contact an expensive Security Agency and hire some trained body guards. It not only saves your life but also shows that how luxurious your life style is.

elements of luxurious lifestyle

8. Luxurious Gadgets

No matter if you like Apple, Blackberry, Nokia or Samsung- your high-end flagship smartphones define your taste and importance in the society nowadays. It’s not just about smartphones; Smart watches, Personal Computers and Laptops, Personal Digital Home Assistant like Alexa or Siri, high speed internet devices- all are a must to lead a luxurious life.

elements of luxurious lifestyle

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9. Luxurious Tours and Travels

Going places and exploring the world has become the newest trend worldwide. People have started spending their whole summer times in islands like Ibiza or Maldives to get the most of luxuriousness. Never ending parties, eating exotic foods, Luxurious foods, attending once in a life time events, night clubs and casinos, riding exclusive automobiles, feasting on a yacht, staying in five star hotels and resorts indicate how luxurious your life style is.

10. Girlfriends and Wine

Remember Al Pacino’s famous dialogues about women in the movie “Scent of a Woman”? Of course we do because girls are the only thing that can drive any man crazy. And having one or multiple hot and sexy girlfriends prove that you’re a real man and your private life is booming. The more the merrier here.

And now, imagine a world without women- what is there to live for? Of course, wine. Vodka, Whiskey, Rum, Cognac, Tequila, Scotch or the good old root beer- whatever your poison is; life is just too much dull without alcoholic drinks. Why do you think Peter Dinklage said in Game of Thrones – “I drink and I know things”?

elements of luxurious lifestyle

11. Luxurious Gold & Diamond

Ornaments Gold and Diamonds have been a symbol of luxury and aristocracy since the dawn of human civilization. So, it is not strange when many people believe that the more gold chains and diamond rings you wear, the more luxurious life you lead.

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