15 Most Expensive Phones in the World 2021


Did you see the most expensive mobile phones ever built in the world till 2021? I believe this list will make you amazed by seeing the price tag of the phones listed below.

Do you know what is inevitably the most necessary and most used gadget of the 21st century? There is only one name for that, the smart assistant you carry with you all the time, mobile phones. The world of phones is getting better day by day and the manufacturers are competing in providing the latest features as well as adding new dimensions of luxury.

People are becoming smarter than before and many of us are using $2K+ USD mobile phones in 2021. Because smart gadgets are not only for show off but also provide us some extra features that regular smartphones cannot provide. This does not mean we are going to tell the regular priced mobile phones in this article.

If you like to find contemporary high-priced smartphones then visit this expensive and new smartphone in the market today. We are going to show all the customized mobile phones ever built on the earth till 2021 with a huge price tag, only to show off and spread their luxurious lifestyles.

Why these expensive mobile phones were built?

It is the sight of passion and hobby. Just imagine people are nowadays collecting airplanes, helicopters, cars, etc only for the hobby. If you are interested you can visit our latest article on The Most Expensive Hobbies in the World, I am sure you will be just shocked that the luxurious people in the world are spending billions on the hobby only.

#Let’s see the most expensive mobile phones in the world in 2021

01. Falcon Supernova iPhone 6 Pink Diamond

Price: $48.5 Million
Manufacturer: Apple
Headquarter: United States
Designed and distributed by Falcon

most expensive phone in the world 2021
Falcon Supernova iPhone 6 Pink Diam

Behold, the most expensive and luxury phone in the world, The Falcon Supernova iPhone 6 Pink diamond! It is a customized model of iPhone 6 designed by US luxury brand Falcon. This gadget is constituted with gemstone and premium materials, fitted with 24-carat gold, rose gold or platinum case. Before settling on pink for the latest model it had three different colors. You can go for its cheaper versions such as Orange Diamond and Blue Diamond. The only person having it is Nita Ambani, the respected wife of Asia’s richest man, Mukesh Ambani.

02. iPhone 4S Elite Gold

Price: $9.4 Million
Manufacturer: Apple                       
Headquarter: United States
Designed by: Stuart Hughes

most expensive mobile in the world 2021
iPhone 4S Elite Gold

Surprisingly, the most expensive and luxury phone in the world in 2019 is valued more than five times the price of the second of the list. Stuart Hughes again manages to amaze the world with his other majestic creation iPhone 4S Elite Gold. This gadget contains 500 diamonds of over 100 carats. An exciting feature of this phone is the 24-carat gold that covers the rear panel and the Apple logo, in addition to 53 more diamonds around the area. And guess what, it has a chest which contains a Platinum block with pieces of original dinosaur bone including other preciously rare stones.

03. Stuart Hughes iPhone 4 Diamond Rose

Price: $8 Million
Manufacturer: Apple                       
Headquarter: United States
Designed by: Stuart Hughes

most expensive phone in the world 2021
Stuart Hughes iPhone 4 Diamond Rose

This handset designed by Stuart Hughes is among the top 3 of the most expensive and luxury phone in 2019. This model has 500 diamonds making it a total of 100 carats. The logo of Apple has 53 diamonds and its start button is constituted by a rare 7.4-carat single-cut diamond. The chest of this gadget is made of a single block of Granite which weighs 7 kilograms. 

04. Goldstriker iPhone 3GS Supreme

Price: $3.2 Million
Manufacturer: Apple
Headquarter: United States
Distributed by: Goldstriker
Designed by: Stuart Hughes

most expensive mobile in the world 2021
Goldstriker iPhone 3GS Supreme

This luxury handset is one of the most prestigious gadgets designed by British designer Stuart Hughes and his company Goldstriker. It contains 271 grams of 22-carat pure solid gold, more than 200 diamonds including 53 used in the logo of Apple and 7.1-carat diamond is featured in the start button. The chest of this handset features a block of granite as well. It was initially made for an Australian businessman and since it stood as one of the most expensive and luxury phones in the world.

05. iPhone 3G Kings Button

Price: $2.5 Million
Manufacturer: Apple
Headquarter: United States
Designed by: Peter Alisson

most expensive phone in the world 2021
iPhone 3G Kings Button

Australian Jeweler Peter Aloisson again managed to mesmerize us by his other amazing creation Apple iPhone Kings Button. This phone is a true jewel. It contains 18 karats yellow, white and rose gold. The white gold strip contains a whopping 138 brilliant-cut diamonds. Its start button features 6.6-carat diamonds. With this phone being added iPhone took another majestic step to its road to ultimate glory.

06. Goldvish Le Million

Price: $1.3 Million
Manufacturer: Goldvish
Headquarter: Switzerland
Designed by: Emmanuel Guest

most expensive mobile in the world 2021
Goldvish Le Million

Le Million model of the Swiss premium luxury mobile phone manufacturing company is probably the most costly gadget created by them. It has a unique shape which adds a significant attraction to its appearance. This handset once was on the Guinness Book of World Records as the most expensive phone globally. It is made with 18 karats white gold and also contains 120 carats of VVS-1 diamonds. It has a 2-megapixel camera and 2 GB internal memory. Though it’s no longer the most expensive phone it’s still among the top of the list and has maintained popularity around the globe. 

07. Diamond Crypto Smartphone 

Price: $1.3 Million
Manufacturer: JSC Ancort
Headquarter: London, United Kingdom
Designed by: Peter Alisson

most expensive phone in the world 2021
Diamond Crypto Smartphone

This device is designed with a solid platinum and rose gold logo. The cell phone consists of 50 diamonds including 10 rare blue diamonds. The navigation key is made of rose gold and features 28 round cut diamonds. This phone is quite different from the others with its powerful encryption technology. The wooden decorations of the phone are made of hand-polished Macassar ebony. This phone is based on CE Window.

08. Gresso Luxor Las Vegas Jackpot

Price: $1 Million
Manufacturer: Gresso
Headquarter: Miami, United States
Designed by: Gresso

most expensive mobile in the world 2021
Gresso Luxor Las Vegas Jackpot

Gresso is known for its luxurious and incredibly expensive cell phones but it entered into a whole new level by introducing the Luxor Las Vegas Jackpot. This million-dollar gadget is made of several black diamonds and over 180 grams of gold. The black panel is made of one of the oldest and most expensive wood in the world which was extracted from an African tree with over 200 years of existence. Its keypad consists of 17 manually polished and laser etched sapphires weighing 32k.

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09. Goldvish Revolution

Price: $490k USD
Brand: Goldvish
Brand Country: Switzerland
Year: 2009
Attractions: 18k White and pink gold, 29 Carats diamonds, fine leather, sapphire glass display case
Specifications: 2.2 inch display, Phone Memory, Memory cards, Bluetooth, USB, Messaging, Games, Lithium Batteries, Video 3GP,MP4, 1000 group contacts, support incoming call etc.

most expensive phone in the world 2021
Goldvish Revolution

Goldvish Revolution also holds a top position as the world’s most expensive and luxurious phone ever! The phone is a breed with a weird combination of Mobiado and Motorola Aura. This luxurious device possesses a mechanical watch (which is its coolest part) with a cellphone in the same unit. The device is manufactured with immensely sparkling gold and diamonds. Giving the most stylish concept ever this phone is designed extraordinarily. The phone has a decent shape feature with some crazy spectaculars. Hitting the Guinness World record Goldvish has launched their Revolution version of candybar that is also unique and unparalleled.

10. Vertu Signature Cobra

Price: $310K USD
Manufacturer: Vertu
Headquarter: England, United Kingdom
Designed by: Bucheron

most expensive mobile in the world 2021
Vertu Signature Cobra

This phone was created by the joint venture of the mobile phone brand Vertu and the luxury jewelry house Bucheron. They produced the world’s first high jewelry limited cell phones out of gold and precious stones. Vertu Signature Cobra is the first handset to cost less than a million in the list of the topmost expensive and luxury phones. It is a typical cell phone covered with gold and other gemstones. The best part is that the buyers can order it in different designs depending on their interests.

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11. Black Diamond VIPN Smartphone

Price: $300K USD
Manufacturer: Sony Ericsson
Headquarter: Tokyo, Japan
Distributed by: VPN
Designer: Jaren Goh

most expensive phone in the world 2021
Black Diamond VIPN Smartphone

The design of the Black Diamond VIPN smartphone was initially based on Sony Ericsson but it is available through the company named VPN. This smartphone is different from the other expensive and luxurious smartphones with its rather vintage outlook. This phone consists of a gold and gemstone cover with an expensive black diamond. With 4 megapixel camera, OLED display, intuitive touchscreen user interface and 128 MB internal memory this phone upholds the prestige of the aristocratic bygone era of previous smartphones.

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12. Savelli Emerald Night

Price: $250k USD
Brand: Savelli
Brand Country: Switzerland
Year: 2009
Attractions: 12.5 carat diamonds, 18 carat white gold, 4.5 carats emeralds
Specifications: 3.2in display with Sapphire Glass, 32GB, 5 MP Camera, Selfie camera, 3G Internet, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, GPS, 18K gold, 3cts emeralds, ceramic, anthracite satin, rubber etc.

most expensive mobile in the world 2021
Savelli Emerald Night

With 18k gold pieces Savelli Emerald Night is another most expensive phone ever in the world. Among all the eleven different models of Savelli, the Emerald Night is literally slaying according to its features. This lavish device is manufactured basically targeting the trendy women out there who love wearing luxury. The device is unbelievably handcrafted with four hundred of mix and baguette cut emeralds. The device is empowered with a screen of ultra bombay sapphire. Releasing only some limited versions this little splendor device is a dream phone of a woman.  

13. iPhone Princess Plus

Price: $176k USD
Brand: Apple
Brand Country: United States
Year: 2008
Attractions: Best quality 318 diamonds, 18k gold
Specifications: 3.5 inch Touch Screen display, 2 MP Camera, 8GB, Mac OS, Weight: 135g etc.

most expensive phone in the world 2021
iPhone Princess Plus

Well, a lot of things can be assumed by just the name of the phone. You won’t believe many carats of diamonds and gold have been encrusted to the iPhone Princess plus phone. Around 318 diamonds and 17.75 carats of diamonds and gold are being studded in the phone. Even the flashing beauty is worth so much money that it stands as one of the highest priced phones among others.

The owner of this phone is a Russian businessman, who surely loves to have things customized and lavish in appearance. The feature of the phone is almost the same as the other handset of the iPhone. Still nothing can beat the high appearance and high price tag of the phone.

14. Caviar iPhone 11 Pro Max Diamond Christmas Star

Price: 137k USD
Brand: Apple
Brand Country: United States
Year: 2021
Attractions: Yellow and white gold of 750, Diamond of 9.25 mm Made
Specifications: 6.5 inch, OLED, Super Retina XDR, HDR display, Triple 12MP Ultra Wide, A13 Bionic chip, iOS 13 etc.

most expensive mobile in the world 2021
Caviar iPhone 11 Pro Max Diamond Christmas Star

This Caviar iphone 11 pro max is a wonder because the diamond at the middle of the back of the phone symbolizes a great deal of things. Basically, the phone was invented to represent Jesus Christ being guided by the Star of Bethlehem which is the main theme of the whole phone structure. The phone appears with a sophisticated notion and its whole back part is encrusted with gold. Even the theme evokes a deep desire for an aesthetic environment. The center has the brightest diamond and it is worth 3 carats. The frame is ended with diamonds and golden encrust. 

15. Dior Reverie

Price: 102k USD
Brand: Dior
Brand Country: France
Year: 2011
Attractions: 1,539 diamonds, 18 carat white gold Made
Specifications: 3.2″ screen, 5MP camera, microSD card slot, 900 mAh Battery, weighs 137 grams etc.

most expensive phone in the world 2021
Dior Reverie

Another most expensive phone is Dior Reverie that is designed for the luxury and fashion conscious people. With a comprehensive amount of apps and menus this phone offers you a multi-touch LED flat screen. The internal technology of the device is praiseworthy. The phone is engineered with animations and galleries.

The Dior Reverie allows its user to have the satisfaction of using the finest and incredible materials possible. With a craftsmanship of supreme level the device empowers materials like diamond, gold, sapphire crystal, pearl and what not! Buying a Dior Reverie having a feature of unibody design is like a dream come true!

Final Thoughts

These phones have introduced a whole new dimension of luxury that can be sought. Offering according to its necessities these phones add a more aristocratic prestige in its usage. And shows how beautiful piece of the art technology can offer and has yet to offer.

#Here is the top 10 most expensive phones in the world 2021

01Falcon Supernova iPhone 6 Pink Diamond$48.5 Million
02iPhone 4S Elite Gold$9.4 Million
03Stuart Hughes iPhone 4 Diamond Rose$8 Million
04Goldstriker iPhone 3GS Supreme$3.2 Million
05iPhone 3G Kings Button$2.5 Million
06Goldvish Le Million$1.3 Million
07Diamond Crypto Smartphone$1.3 Million
08Gresso Luxor Las Vegas Jackpot$1 Million
09Goldvish Revolution$490k USD
10Vertu Signature Cobra$310k USD

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