10 Luxury Shower Curtains in the World 2020

Here is the top 10 luxury shower curtains in the world in 2020. Showers are considered to be the best relaxing time of a day. To spice up your life along with your bathroom decor, a luxury shower curtain is a must. An elegant bathroom often shows your personality and the key of the elegance is certainly a luxurious shower curtain.

Let’s see 2020’s top 10 luxury shower curtains in the world including price, with valance, size, color, extra long, fabric, weight, where to buy etc.

1. Mrs Awesome Water-Repellent Fabric Shower Curtain

Weight: 1.6 Pounds
Color: White
Size:  72 inch * 70 inch
Fabric: Soft Polyester (100%)
Attraction: 9 mesh pockets
Price: $17 USD each

luxurious shower curtains in 2020

If you are a person who do not have extra space near your bathtub, this is the perfect curtain for you then. It has 9 handy pockets which easily let your necessary things like comb, shampoo, shower gel, towel and other things organized. The fabric is polyester yet very smooth. Easy cleaning, odorless and 12 rust free material have made this curtain one of the best choices. The curtain is now on discount, you can grab this only with $17 USD.

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2. Amazer Shower Curtain

Weight: 12. 8 Ounce
Color: 14 colors available
Size: 72 inch x 36 inch
Material: Rubbery EVA material
Fabric: Plastic
Attraction: ample color choosing option
Price: $9 USD (each)

luxurious shower curtains in 2020

If you like variation and want to match the color of your shower curtain with the bathroom background then you can go for this one. It has a 14 colors huge collection including white, Black, crystal clear, grey, pink, purple blue, Teal, Navy blue, khaki,  beige, Turquoise,  dark grey,  Frosted and clear. This curtain has grommet holes with two clear stones at the bottom help the curtain stay stick near the ground. And even being rubbery material it has no extra odor. The price of the curtain is $9 USD for each.

3. Liba PEVA Antimicrobial PVC Free Shower Curtain Liner

Color:  Clear, Frosted and White
Size: 72 inch x 72 inch
Material: Soft cloth
Attraction: Simplicity
Price: $10 USD (each)

luxurious shower curtains in 2020

This shower curtain certainly completes all the demand of a customer. It is so simple in design and that makes it more decent. The cloth is very soft at the same time it is water resistant. It gives the vibe of a luxurious hotel. It has no plastic like odor. Another good part of the curtain is that it is very easy to clean. Meanwhile this is light weight, as a heavy shower curtain can be difficult to use. The magnet attached at the top makes sure the stability of the curtain firmly. To make it your bathroom’s new addition you have to pay $10 USD per piece as your bathroom requires.

4. Sunlit shower curtains for kids

Weight: 14.4 Ounce
Colour: Multi colour
Size: 182 inch * 182 inch
Material:  12 Rust proof metal
Fabric:  Polyester
Attraction: Alphabetical print
Price: $19 USD (Buy now)

luxurious shower curtains in 2020

Kids like to learn with joy. This curtain can be the best way in shower to memorize English alphabets. It has a 12 rust proof soft polyester and water repellent fabric which is very thick. The colour is very vibrant with its HD graphics. The material is very quick drying. And as it is machine washable it is hassle-free. It costs 20 USD for each of the curtains.

5. InterDesign extra-long Shower Curtain

Weight: 1 Pound
Color: Black
Size:  72 inch * 96 inch
Fabric: Polyester
Attraction:  Fast-drying Formula
Price: $14 USD

luxurious shower curtains in 2020

This is a very polished curtain, mostly preferable to people who like extra long length. Unlike other curtains it has 96 inch length with a black liner. The black colour is easily suitable for any background. The main attraction of this curtain is it cleans so fast like magic. You can clean the curtain easily with Washing machine. It is mould and mildew resistant and obviously it is water revolting. The price is also reasonable. You have to pay $15 USD for each curtains.

6.  LHT Luxurious Moroccan Trellis Shower Curtain

Weight: 1.5 pounds
Color: Baby Blue
Size: 72 inch * 70 inch 
Fabric: Polyester (100%)
Attraction:  Moroccan trails pattern
Price: $13 USD

luxurious shower curtains in 2020

The curtain is a very classic one. Certainly it will give a very decent look to your bathroom. You will get 12 steal beaded hooks along with it but have to buy a liner. The washing process is very easy. It is soft and odor free. The Moroccan baby blue colored pattern looks so elegant and provides soft vision to your eyes.

7. AmazonBasics Linen Style Shower Curtain

Weight: 1.59 Pounds
Color: Taupe
Size:  72 inch * 72 inch
Fabric: Polyester (100%)
Attraction: The Linen style woven
Price: $17 USD each

luxurious shower curtains in 2020

The fabric is too good. It gives a vintage vibe to your bathroom. The linen type fabric makes it more soothing to eyes at the same time in use. It is easy clean and the cloth is rust free. The Taupe color is a classy one fits for light colored bathrooms. This well crafted and polished curtain is highly durable. The Market price is $17 USD for each of the curtains.

8. Clara Clark Shower Curtain

Color: Icy White
Size: 72 inch x 72 inch
Material: EVA materials
Fabric: Vinyl
Attraction: Non Toxic formula with lifetime money back guaranty
Price: $16 USD (each)

luxurious shower curtains in 2020

An icy white color with water repellent and most importantly anti bacterial formula make  this shower curtain one of the best choices for you. It is mole and rust resistant. As it has no chlorine in its material so it is undoubtedly reaction free. It has no odor that can ruin your shower time. The cleansing process is so very handy. You just have to make your washing cloth damp to wipe it out. The most striking part is that, the manufacturer claims it to be the most long lasting one. So they are offering you lifetime money back guaranty. To grab this you need to have $16 USD for each 72*72 inch curtain. 

9. Carnation Home Fashion Shower curtain (Hailey)

Weight: 2 Pounds
Color: Multi-colored Animal print
Size: 72 inch * 86 inch
Fabric: Soft Polyester (100%)
Attraction: Sparkling animal print
Price: $18 USD each

luxurious shower curtains in 2020

This curtain is better for short bath tub. It has two size available both in Standard (72*72 inch) and customized (72*86 inch) extra-long size. This animal printed shower can easily give you a wildlife vibe. It is smooth and hassle-free about cleaning. It is a bit heavy but it helps to stay straight. It does not need extra liner. This piece of curtain costs $18 USD

10. MAYTEX Water Repellent Fabric Shower Curtain

Weight: 12 Ounce
Color: Grey
Size: 70 inch x 72 inch
Fabric: Soft Polyester (Microfiber)
Attraction: Weighted Hem
Price: $20 USD each

luxurious shower curtains in 2020

A very lucrative curtain with all the benefits to decor your bathroom. Water glides easily on it and as it is water repellent it dries very quickly. The weighted bottom hems keep it stay straight and near the tub. The fabric is super smooth with rust free Grommet holes. The top buttonholes are stainless, rust-free and durable.  Machine wash helps to clean it easily. On a nutshell this can be the best choice by spending $20 USD per piece.

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