The 20 Most Expensive Bathroom in the World 2021


Imagine how much expensive a bathroom can be by viewing this list of the top 10 expensive bathrooms in the world in 2021. The bathroom is more than a functional area; it is also a place of relaxation. The luxury bathroom is also one of the most vital parts of luxury lifestyle.

The luxury bathroom is not just having a fancy tub or sink set, it means something beyond them. Deluxe bathrooms are the perfect combination of superb amenities, best quality, implausible interior design, and the very best fixtures. Let’s get introduced to some of the expensive luxury bathrooms in the world in 2021.

Let’s see the list of world’s most expensive bathrooms in 2021 including price, location, attractions, etc.

01. Gold-plated Bathroom

Build Cost: $392 million USD
Location: Rutland Gate, London
Attraction: Dazzling combination of Gold and Jewellery.
Owner: Saudi prince

world's most expensive bathroom 2021

It was auctioned as most luxurious bathroom in London in 2015. It has most expensive jewellery-embedded bidets and gold-plated fixtures. Semi-precious stones such as malachite accompanied by precious metals are used in decorating the bathroom. It is defined as the bath of jewellery. The eye-pooping surrounding of gold and precious jewellery can soothe the body as well as the soul of a person.

02. Grey Marble Bathroom

Build Cost: $188 million USD
Locations: 924 Bel Air Road, Los Angeles, USA
Owner: Not Founded
Attractions: grey marble, spa bath, leather double massage couch, massive walk-in shower etc.

most expensive shower in the world

924 Bel Air Road, one of Usa’s largest expensive areas, was purchased for $94 million (£71 million) in January. Unbelievably the mansion has 21 luxurious bathrooms. The grey marble one with a spa bath is the luxurious among all. It has a large walk-in tub which is very comfortable and adds more aristocracy. The main attraction of the bathroom is the  leather double massage sofa. This black color sofa is all you need for a relaxation message.

03. Boasting Solid Gold Bathtubs

Build Cost: $45 million USD
Locations: Swiss horn Gold Palace, Hong Kong, China
Owner: Mike Clarke
Attractions: Full 24-karat gold made, aquarium walls, jewel-encrusted bidets etc.

world's most expensive bathroom

In 2006, the incredibly wealthy gold billionaire went one step further and built a showroom with two tones of the yellow metal, complete with a solid gold bathtub. The bath tub looks like a shiny piece of locket (if you think yourself to be a Lilliputians). It has  24-karat glided  toilet in it. And moreover it has a golden extruded walls, which sparks like diamonds . can you guess the price? A whopping $38.5 million!

04. Master Ensuite

Build Cost: $45 million USD
Locations: Chelster Hall, Oakville, Canada
Owner: Chelster Hall
Attractions: Gold-plated sinks, spa bath, ornate chandelier

most expensive shower in the world

You will get your answer why the bathroom is listed so pricy in Chelster Hall existed in Oakville, Ontario at  $45 million (£34 million). The master ensuite is the trump card here. like the other rooms in the mansion it  has a spa bath which is really attractive . the chandelier here is adorned with ornate. Would you believe it has  a gold plated sinks ? would you like to brush in the sink? and that is another  reason to make it so exclusive.

05. Balinese Style Bathroom

Build Cost: $13.5 million USD
Locations: Hualalai Resort, Hawaii, USA
Owner: Hualalai Resort
Attractions: Ultimate tranquil space to relax and unwind.

world's most expensive bathroom

This comfortable bathroom is the prominent venue in Hale Ku Mana. This is  an expansive house in the Balinese style of Hawaii, which was  sold at $13.5 million (€10.3m) to Concierge Auctions in 2013.  It has an outstanding  zen semi-outdoor space. Most importantly it is  surrounded by lush greener. These makes it the perfect place to relax and unwind.

06. Aquarium Bathroom

Build Cost: $10 million USD
Locations: Preston Hollow Mansion, Dallas, USA
Owner: Preston Hollow Mansion
Attractions: Jacuzzi tub surrounded, colourful tropical fish, aquarium bathroom etc.

most expensive shower in the world

Snordling with colorful tropical fish in this whirlpool tub must be celestial. A fish lover would really enjoy a place like this. Even diving on the tub can give you the feeling of diving under deep sea with sea creature. The bathroom was decorated and installed in  a house In Dallas with a Renaissance style. It was cleared up by a buyer in 2019 for just under $6 million.

07. Fancy Bathroom

Build Cost: $8.5 million USD
Locations: French château, Canterbury, Australia
Owner: French château
Attractions: Gilded bathroom

world's most expensive bathroom

The word fancy describes the aristocracy of this bathroom. It is  another gilded bathroom in case your eyes aren’t too tired from looking at too much gold. This one can be found in Canterbury, Australia, on a French château-style property that sold for £6.5 million ($8.5 million) in 2015.

08. Ornate Bathroom

Build Cost: $5.2 million USD
Locations: Seneca Mansion, Virginia, USA
Owner: Seneca Mansion
Attractions: Master bathroom, spacious spa bath, bar with ornate gilding, panelling, antique sofa, steam shower.

most expensive shower in the world

The master bathroom is one of the standout rooms of the Virginia estate. It was listed for $4.3 million (£3.3 million) in 2014. It is famous for its ornate gilding and cabinetry. The bathroom has a large spa bath which is for relaxation. an antique sofa makes it look more trendy. It has  a fireplace to keep you warm. At the same time a steam room and steam shower will give you the extreme feeling of deluxe with the bar inside it.

09. Solid Gold Toilet

Build Cost: $4.8 million USD
Locations: Swiss horn Gold Palace, Hong Kong, China
Owner: Mike Clarke
Attractions: Solid 24-karat gold made

world's most expensive bathroom

This is a wrapped with gold  bathroom. The sparkling 3.5 million dollars or 2.7 million pounds was designed at its iconic Swisshorn Gold Palace in Hong Kong by Law Sai-wing, the Chinese jeweller’s tycoon. The toilet gets the title of the most expensive  bathrooms in the world an is rated in  Guinness World Records. It is made from original 24-carat gold. Not only filled with golds, but also loaded  with thousands of gemstones in the ceiling. Can you imagine the lavish look? It would look more like a mystery box of Aladin than an ordinary bathroom.

10. Gilded Bathroom

Build Cost: $4.50 million USD
Locations: Chalet Estate, Surrey, UK
Owner: Savills
Attractions: copper bathtubs, gilded Italian wash basins, bespoke Japanese toilets etc.

most expensive shower in the world

This bathroom, located inside a Grade II-listed chalet on the banks of the Thames, is indeed a masterpiece in extravagant luxury. The flamboyant bathing room includes a pair of $11,800 copper bathtubs which looks like an antique piece. It has a bespoke Japanese toilet. It also includes gilded Italian wash basins worth $47,200!! Such an expensive basin which sparks like a fire work. A bathroom like this only the mega rich people  can spare!

11. Swanky Master Bathroom

Build Cost: $3.3 million USD
Locations: Real Housewives Mansion, Montville, USA
Owner: Real Housewives Mansion
Attractions: Marble, wood fireplace made.

world's most expensive bathroom

Melissa Gorga and her husband Joe Gorga made this beautiful piece of heaven in USA. According, the family got listed a home in the exclusive Pond section of Montville, NJ for $3.499 million. The house is mainly  designed for a large family gatherings with 14 car parking spaces.  It has six bedrooms with fine structure. And the number of bathroom is even higher than the number of bedrooms. It includes seven and a half bathrooms.

The bathrooms are the main attraction for people outside. These are nicely adorned with simple fittings. A posh look can be found in each corners of the bathrooms. The marble finishing adds a bit more elegancy with the wooden fireplace.

12. Royal Suite Bathroom

Build Cost: $3.2 million USD
Location: Burj Al Arab Hotel, Dubai
Attraction: Veined marble creates eye-popping colour
Owner: Jumeirah Group

most expensive shower in the world

This royal touch includes an immense marble Jacuzzi, five- head rain shower, carpets like cloud along with fixtures made with gold. The reflexion of marbles creates dreamy atmosphere. Its dreamy environment relaxes the body and cradle the mind. This stunning luxury provides the finest and experienced service.Burj Al Arab proved excellent service of complementary amenities and toiletries. Royal Suite offers the real royal touch.

13. Warhol Chanel Bathroom

Build Cost: $2.3 million USD
Location: Trump World Tower, New York
Attraction: Very sophisticated building materials with Alabaster wall.
Owner: Donald Trump, The Trump Organization.

world's most expensive bathroom

It is the number 5 art piece in Andy Warhol Chanel. The Alabaster wall catch the most attraction of this bathroom. In this bathroom, the shower has not less than 10 shower heads. Its wall, sink, taps, tiles, doors, all are made of 24 carat gold which make it the most expensive bathroom. Furthermore, its floors are adorned with gold bars. This is one of the craziest expensive creation of deluxe.

14. Fresco Bathroom

Build Cost: $1.6 million USD
Location: Hotel II Salviatino, Florence, Italy
Attraction: Work of Art
Owner: Alessandra Rovati Vitali

most expensive shower in the world

It is one of the best luxurious bathrooms where one can enjoy its beautiful fresco ceiling while relaxing in its unique freestanding tub made with ancient stone. The most eye-catching site of Fresco Bathroom is a fresco which was the creation of Italian painter Domenico Bruschi. Fresco Bathroom also offers ample living open space and two-tiered swimming pool. It is the place where luxury gets its life with the touch of magnificent art. It is a dreamy place for the history and art loving people. It gives the exceptional views of Florence.

15. Poseidon Suite Bathroom

Build Cost: $1.5 million USD
Location: Atlantis the Palm, Dubai
Attraction: Underwater bathroom
Owner: Alireza Yahya

world's most expensive bathroom

Who will not love to enjoy his/her relaxation period with more than 65,000 sea creatures! Poseidon Suite bathroom brings that dream into reality. Its floor to ceiling windows can stop the heart beat once by providing the panoramic views of marine life included Sharks and Stingrays. It is the only place for enjoying the rare views of Manta Rays while bathing. This thrilled human creature has jetted tubs along with showers and catchy sparking amenities made of 24-karat gold. It also provides twenty-four hours butler service.

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16. Post Ranch Inn Bathroom

Build Cost: $1.3 million USD
Location: Big Sur, California
Attraction: Gives the exclusive views of forest and Santa Lucia Mountains.
Owner: Mike Freed

most expensive shower in the world

This extraordinary bathroom is situated on high atop of Pacific Ocean, about 1200 feet high, which provides the rare view of the forest and mountains. There is indoor spa tub in this butterfly bathroom. So, one can easily enjoy the view of peaceful nature at the time of soaking in tub. It also gives the excellent sea view which makes someone fall in love with the cruel as well as beautiful ocean.

17. Million Dollar Bathtub

Build Cost: $1.2 million USD
Location: Dubai
Attraction: Expensive Amazonian Crystal tub
Owner: XXI carat villa

world's most expensive bathroom

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It is one of the most expensive property in Dubai. This master bathroom contains expensive crystal tub made of precious rock by the Italian interior specialists. This remarkable tub gives the unique magical experience which removes the stresses of everyday life. It is enriched with best interior design, also has the touch of European elegance. It also provides the relaxing SPA bath. Its luxurious touch brings comfort and relax.

18. Coolest Cafe Bathroom

Build Cost: $270K USD
Location: Hipopo Papa Café, Japan
Attraction: Bathroom surrounded by aquarium
Owner: Hayashizaki Matsue Coast

most expensive shower in the world

Such a bathroom which is surrounded by plenty of colourful fish, is just an existing example of bliss in this world. The view of greenish sea water surrounds the white toilet amazed the visitors. The aquarium is behind the three walls of the toilet which makes the restaurant toilet most important for tourist attraction. Because it presents the unique beauty of undersea water to them. Basically, it is designed for women. But people can request the stuffs, if it is not a busy time, they can guide them to see the eye-pooping beauty.

19. Glass-bottomed Bathtub

Build Cost: $120K USD
Location: Anantara Kihavah Sunset Villa, Maldives
Attraction: Lurid infinity pool with glass bottom bathtub
Owner: Minor Hotel Group

world's most expensive bathroom

It is absolutely dreamy over water villa, something like heaven are waving to people. This bathroom’s special features include private pool with sundeck and glass bottom bathtub.  One can cast aside his/her stress into its infinity pool. Guests are waiting to be annihilated into its glass bottomed bathtub. This is also renowned for special SPA bath. So, this luxury helps to relax the body and filled the soul.

20. Ritz Carlton

Build Cost: $210K USD
Location: Victoria Harbour, Hong Kong
Attraction: Provide the panoramic views of the city skyline.
Owner: Sun Hung Kai

most expensive shower in the world

Ritz Carlton is full-marble bathroom attached with an oversized bathtub. One can enjoy the complete view of Victoria Harbour and city skyline while soaking into the fine marbled bathtub. This breath-taking bathroom also has rainforest shower, double sink, powder room, separate bathtub and shower, and world class bathroom amenities. It is the excellent combination of luxury and excellent atmosphere.

# Top 10 Most Expensive Bathroom in the World 2021

  1. Gold-plated Bathroom – Build Cost: $392 Million
  2. Grey Marble Bathroom – Build Cost: $188 Million
  3. Boasting Solid Gold Bathtubs – Build Cost: $45 Million
  4. Master Ensuite – Build Cost: $45 Million
  5. Balinese Style Bathroom – Build Cost: $13.5 Million
  6. Aquarium Bathroom – Build Cost: $10 Million
  7. Fancy Bathroom – Build Cost: $8.5 Million
  8. Ornate Bathroom – Build Cost: $5.2 Million
  9. Solid Gold Toilet – Build Cost: $4.8 Million
  10. Gilded Bathroom – Build Cost: $4.50 Million

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