Luxury TV Stands 2021 in the World


Let’s see the world’s best top 10 luxury tv stands and cabinets in 2021 with full details and prices. Television stands has become the reflection of modern way of luxurious lifestyle. TV stand designer companies has brought some extraordinary model of tv table and units in the market.

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Luxury TV stands are not the necessity they are the modern demand of expensive luxury lifestyle. It makes your room look clean, modern and defined. A luxurious TV stand gives you enough space to place other things along with your TV.

To make your room catchy let’s have a look on our list of expensive luxury TV stands which are now available in international online shops.

01. Parker House Charlotte – $2,350 USD

Price: $2,350 USD
Brand: Parker House
Brand Country: United States
Material: Wood, Poplar Solids / Birch Veneers
Color: White
Dimension: 119″W x 17″D x 83.25″H
Attraction: 72″ TV Console, Cottage Style, 3 light system, 2 Small drawers, 4 wood window, Expandable Bridge, Shelf, & Bridge Backpanel etc.

luxury tv stands 2021

02. Curata Entertainment Console – $2,337 USD

Price: $2,337 USD
Brand: Hooker Furniture
Brand Country: United States
Material: White Oak Veneers, Glass and Metal
Color: Midnight
Dimension: Width: 66″, Depth: 20″, Height: 30 1/4″
Attraction: 65″ Flat Screen, Four doors, One adjustable wood shelf, One FC705 three plug etc.

luxury tv cabinet 2021

03. Grey Ralston TV Stand – $1,059 USD

Price: $1,059 USD
Brand: Greyleigh
Brand Country: China
Material: Solid Wood
Color: Grey
Dimension: 78” x 34” x 20”
Attraction: 78″ TV stand, silver metal hinges, long bar pulls open,  1 Drawers, Cabinets 2+2, Cable Management etc.

luxury tv stands 2021

04. Eva Modern High Gloss TV Stand – $599 USD

Price: $599 USD
Brand: Meble Furniture
Brand Country: Poland
Material: N/A
Color: Light Gray
Dimension: 20 inches height x 77 inches width x 16.5 inches depth
Attraction: 77″ TV Stand, Modern TV Stand, High Gloss Doors, 16 Color LEDs, Fits up to 85 inch TVs etc.

luxury tv cabinet 2021

05. Roma Modern TV Stand – $549 USD

Price: $549 USD
Brand: Meble Furniture
Brand Country: Poland
Material: Particle Board, MDF
Color: White/Gray
Dimension: 78.7″W / 13.8″D/ 21.7″H
Attraction: 90″ TV screens, Modern TV Cabinets, High Gloss Fronts, 16 colors LED lights system etc.

luxury tv stands 2021

06. Martin Svensson Home

Price: $376 USD
Material: Solid New Zealand pinewood
Headquarter: Sweden
Attraction: Barn style slide door, adjustable and removable shelves, custom finished hardware
Available Color: All antique white, antique black, Espresso, Grey, Honey tobacco
Dimension: Length 65’, height 35”, width 19”

luxury tv cabinet 2021

This product gives an antique look to the room. Customers get chances to customize its shelves according to their wish. A 65” TV can be fitted here easily. It has cable management cutouts, which ensures maximum level of safety for the users. Moreover, its shelves are removable so if you find any unnecessary shelf, you can eliminate it from your stand. Its metallic style is very famous among the users.

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07. Comfort Smart

Price: $312 USD
Material: Ashland pine
Headquarter: Minneapolis, Minnesota, U.S.
Attraction: Electric Fireplace, Rustic cottage outlook, Ashland pine finish, Barn door style cabinet, large storage
Available Color: Ashland pine, Espresso, Sergeant Oak, Two-tone

luxury tv stands 2021

This will add a natural touch to your room. It has such a decorative quality that it is not only useful furniture but also an aesthetic device for your room. Its electric fireplace upgrades its look and utility as well. The device can heat a room of 400 square feet. The stand can hold a 55” TV on it. The storage gives large place to keep media and entertainment elements close to the TV.

08. WE Furniture

Price: $310 USD
Material: High- grade MDF, tempered glass
Headquarter: Jasper
Size: 56” to 70”
Attraction: Large storage, supports up to 250 lbs, cable management features, adjustable shelves
Available color: Antique Grey, Antique white, Black, Brown, Espresso brown, white
Dimensions: Height 33”, length 52”, width 16”

luxury tv cabinet 2021

This one is quite expensive one but it will increase the status of your room for sure. It can support 250 lbs max and a 56” TV on its surface. Customers mostly likes its cable management feature the most, as it gives a tidy and organized look by hiding all the wires and cords behind it. It provides enough space for your necessaries with adjustable shelves.

09. Ameriwood Home

Price: $297 to $307 USD
Material: laminated MDF, particleboard with wood grain finish
Headquarter: Missouri
Size: up to 60”
Attraction: remote control fireplace of 23”, additional compartment , open top shelf with two side cabinets
Available Color: black oak, Ivory pine, natural wood, rustic grey
Maximum Weight Support: 55 lbs

luxury tv stands 2021

This is the bestseller TV stand internationally. Its design gives a natural touch to the room. The inbuilt fireplace in the stand will make your entertainment space a very eye soothing one. The fireplace is remote controlled one. You can easily control the flame and heat with its remote controller device or with its touch panel. It has an open top shelf, two side cabinets and some other storage space, which customers can customize according to their choice.

10. Rainbow Sophia

Price: $199 USD
Material: Wood
Headquarter: Brooklyn
Attraction: Slide Barn door, extra large storage
Available Color: Dark Walnut, White Oak, Driftwood, Rustic Wood, Shaded Oak, Washed Oak
Series: Forest

luxury tv cabinet 2021

Customer can use them for keeping other important things also along with the entertainment component. It makes your home classical. The slide door is very flexible and stylish. It can increase your living rooms beauty. It has the capacity to keep a 65” TV on its plain surface. Company uses high – quality wood with premium wood – texture finishing.

11. Pamari

Price: $199 USD
Material: Ashland pine, metal
Headquarter: Tamiami
Attraction: vibrant color, storage and strength, rustic look, cable management, tipping restraint hardware, multi functional
Available Color: Ashland pine, Off-white, sergeant oak, Saw cut Espresso

luxury tv stands 2021

It is one of the strongest TV stands. It can hold a 60” TV on it. This is multi functional furniture as customers can use it in different purpose, for example, it can be used in bathroom, hall room, and bedroom or in leaving room. Besides being a TV stand, it can be used in different ways too. Its barn style door will create a rustic look. Moreover, its cable management system gives an organized look to the house. The most popular feature of this is, tipping restraint hardware, this feature helps to stop unwanted accidents to the stand.

12. Mecor

Price: $175 USD
Material: Wood, board, Glass with gloss finish, LED lights
Headquarter: Houston
Attraction: LED lights, remote controlled colors, gloss finishing, large storage, easy to clean
Available Color: Black, White
Dimension: width 63”, height 17.7”, depth 13.8”

luxury tv cabinet 2021

This one comes in two different colors only but it has a great gorgeous look, which can develop your room’s standard. It is able hold a 63” TV on its surface level. The LED light’s colors can be changed easily by the remote control. This modern TV stand has two central drawers and an open shelf with adequate space to keep important things.

13. Belleze

Price: $159 USD
Material: High –grade manufactured wood
Headquarter: Walnut, CA
Attraction: extra large storage, strongest stands, electric fireplace, stylish Barn style cabinet
Available Color: Ashland pine, Espresso, Sergeant Oak
Dimension: Width 46” to 50”
Available Style: with fireplace and without fireplace

luxury tv stands 2021

This is one of the largest and the strongest stands of 46 inch, which can hold 132 lbs on the surface. Customer can use this in any room for any purpose. It comes with two different styles with beautiful Barn style doors in it. On the other hand, this furniture provides an 18” fireplace, which not only heats the room but also gives a great look when it’s flaming.

14. Sekey

Price: $159 USD
Material: Wood, high grade MDF, durable laminate, and powder coated metal accents
Headquarter: Suwa
Available color: Smoky Oak
Dimension: width 58” depth18.1” height24”
Attraction: Large storage, color, strong materials, rich brown wood grain finish, easy to clean, 1-year warranty

luxury tv cabinet 2021

It has the adaptability of holding 60” flat panel TV and up to 70 lbs can be kept on it. It makes your home elegant with its design. This is a great choice for the persons who desire a sustainable stand. Besides it provides adjustable shelving with huge storage, moreover its cable management holes keep it looks organized and clean too. The company also gives a warranty of one year. Customers can have free service in this year.

15. Tangkula

Price: $139 USD
Material: MDF veneer
Headquarter: Fontana
Attraction: 8 Large open storage space , threading holes , strong, deformation resistant, corrosion resistant, longest stand capable of bearing 200lbs, easy to clean, waterproof surface
Available Color: Black and Walnut

luxury tv stands 2021

This a great TV stands, which can be used in different purpose in a home. One can keep entertainment things such as magazines, DVD, photo frame etc on this as it is one of the longest TV stands in the market. It has four different holes, which help the wires to move. In addition, keeps the stand look clean. MDF veneer makes the surface clean and smooth. Therefore, it is very easy to clean. Large open storage helps to keep all the important things together. It has the capacity to hold a 59 “TV on it.

This TV stands are the most popular and best-reviewed products in the market. If you want a great look and a great utility together, in a stand for your room, you can go straight for these high – rated models.

# Top 10 Luxury TV Stands 2021 in the World

  1. Parker House Charlotte – Price: $2,350 USD
  2. Curata Entertainment Console – Price: $2,337 USD
  3. Grey Ralston TV Stand – Price: $1,059 USD
  4. Eva Modern High Gloss TV Stand – Price: $599 USD
  5. Roma Modern TV Stand – Price: $549 USD
  6. Martin Svensson Home – Price: $376 USD
  7. Comfort Smart – Price: $312 USD
  8. WE Furniture – Price: $310 USD
  9. Ameriwood Home – Price: $297 USD
  10. Rainbow Sophia – Price: $199 USD


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