When you decide to go sailing, you must bring essentials that offer additional protection and safety. The gear can go in different directions, but whatever you decide to bring, some things are fundamental, meaning you must have them onboard.

    Depending on the area you wish to go to, the time you wish to spend, and your requirements, you can adapt the sailing gear. However, in a further article, we will cover the basics you can implement in your itinerary. We recommend you check here to learn more about sailing for beginners.

    Of course, you must have specific things such as boats for sailing, navigational equipment, and other things all boats already feature. We wish to talk about personal items you need to handle each step. Creating a relevant sailing gear checklist is the best way to determine whether you have brought the necessary things.

    Sailing Gear Essentials


    1. Clothes

    The first thing you should bring on your boat is clothes for all situations and occasions. Things you wear will determine whether you will enjoy a fantastic day or stay in a nightmare. The main idea is to ensure you get essential sailing clothes before reaching the sea.

    Of course, clothes come in different shapes and sizes, meaning you should stay with us to learn more about your options.

    • Sailing Jackets – It is vital to bring an all-weather sailing jacket, an essential clothing aspect that will protect you along the way. At the same time, they can help you keep the water away and heat inside, which will offer you peace of mind. In case you go sailing often, we recommend you find sailing-specific options with relevant safety features, including hoods and strips, in case of an emergency. 

    Enter this site: universalsafety.co.uk to learn more about the safety equipment you should bring while sailing.

    • Sailing Trousers – Suppose you go to a colder climate to enjoy in your boat. In that case, you should find sailing trousers, the specific clothing you need. Trousers for sailors are windproof, waterproof, and rugged. You can find more protective options with additional features. Some feature adjustable ankle cuffs, pockets, and reflective strips, ensuring comfortable sailing.
    • Layers – If you are going out sailing, you will need layers to ensure additional comfort. Since the weather can quickly change in the open sea, you should prepare for all situations. We recommend you bring a few layers. A base and fleece layers are enough to ensure the best course of action, especially when you combine it with a waterproof jacket.

    2. Lifejacket

    Although it seems like a noticeable safety gear you must have in a boat, you should understand a few things beforehand. You should have one of these, in whatever aspect it comes. The main idea is to find the ones that will fit your family members.

    We can differentiate various sailing life jackets. The bulky foam options are the ones you have probably seen on boat trips while you were traveling somewhere. They are affordable, and you can invest more money to ensure safety.

    For instance, if you sail for extended periods, you can choose an inflating life jacket. The main idea is to check out the cartridge and ensure its maintenance before embarking. Remember that life jackets are different, meaning you should research to get the perfect one for the sailing option.

    3. Tether

    Having a safety rope is another important consideration you must have. It features the same importance as a life jacket because it will hold you to the boat if you slip overboard, preventing you from getting lost.

    The best option features two attachment points, meaning you can avoid unclipping yourself from the boat. Before making up your mind, you should enter here to understand the future of sailing.

    4. Personal Location Beacon

    Beacon functions the same as any EPIRB, but this particular option is something you can clip onto yourself and place in a carry bag, meaning it will work wherever you are. We recommend placing it on your jacket, meaning when you go overboard, ensure it automatically activates and let your crew members know your location.

    That way, they can reach you faster than other options you can choose. Having a personal location beacon is unnecessary, but it will help you stay safer than you would without it.

    5. First Aid Kit

    Another essential part of the emergency equipment you must have in your boat is a first aid kit. Each boat should have an intact and up to date first aid kit featuring essentials and things you need, including personal meds. Check out this guide: https://www.transport.wa.gov.au/imarine/what-safety-equipment-do-I-need.asp to learn about your boat’s safety equipment.

    A first aid kid is affordable and straightforward, but you should customize it based on your requirements. For instance, you can bring sea sickness meds, which will help you prevent potential nausea, which is a common problem for some people who are first time sailing.

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