Have you ever been tempted to join a dating site? If not, why not? Have you heard rumours about online dating being the last resort of singles who’ve failed to connect in traditional settings? That’s simply not true. Digital matchmaking is attracting a record number of newcomers. Joining  together2night platform will give you access to the profiles of a diverse range of potential dates. You might even bump into someone well-known when you’re online! Seriously, many famous people have registered with a site. So whether you’re eager to flirt with other singles, or you are looking to meet a celebrity, you just never know who you might encounter! To whet your appetite, here are six celebs who have used online platforms.

    Charli XCX

    English singer-songwriter Charli XCX has come a long way since performing at warehouse raves. She has become one of the most familiar stars of the alternative pop scene, not just within her native UK but globally. As well as winning Grammys, she is known for touching base with a variety of musical genres, including dance-pop and electronica. She has also dabbled in online dating, using this platform to recruit backing dancers. Who’s to say she might not bump into someone just like you when exchanging these speculative messages?!

    Charlize Theron

    Born in Transvaal in South Africa, Charlize has gone on to become an Oscar winner – the first from her homeland to do so as an actor – as well as featuring in numerous advertising campaigns. With her stunning model looks and versatile personality, you might wonder why she might need to resort to online dating like us mere mortals?! However, she does count herself as one of the growing list of celebrities who have been tempted to use these apps. Like many from her walk of life, she often likes getting away from the limelight when it comes to socializing.

    Zac Effron

    Zac Effron was propelled to stardom in notable early appearances such as the High School Musical trilogy. He has gone on to portray diverse characters in a cross-section of Hollywood movies, ranging from Baywatch to portraying notorious serial killer Ted Bundy. But away from the cameras, Zac has been known to seek a more down-to-earth method for meeting potential dates. He explained in an interview in 2016 that he became one of Tinder’s growing membership base, although he admitted nobody ever swiped him! Should you happen to come across him on a dating outlet, you might be tempted to react more favorably!

    Katie Perry

    Katy Perry is another pop star who has been known to dabble in digital matchmaking. Although she is now familiar as the plus one of movie icon Orlando Bloom, she has admitted to embracing digital dating apps during moments when she was single. Her exact words: she was “really deep on Tinder!”

    Paul Mescal

    This Irish-born star is most familiar for the hit series Normal People has earned plaudits for his performances. But he has also admitted to using dating apps in the past. Because fame came to him relatively quickly, he needed space to escape from the hustle and bustle of being in demand.

    Sharon Stone

    Sharon Stone is a veteran Hollywood performer who has appeared in numerous films, her screen presence perfect for playing femme fatales or cougars with attitude! Never one for playing by the rules, she has also been known to pop her details into dating app profiles. What would you do if you happened to be online and came across this charismatic individual! You never know!

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