Have you ever fancied visiting Romania? How about inviting a partner? To find a travel companion, you should go online. Dating sites represent the best way of connecting with other singles. Entering a chat room will even allow you to interact with Romanian single women who might be delighted to show you around! You could take advantage of this secure communication platform to exchange messages and building a rapport. After bonding, you could begin planning your Romanian itinerary. Here are five romantic places you must visit.


    When asked to name destinations to visit in this southeastern European country, one that often tops any ‘must see’ list is Transylvania. Located in the centre of Romania, this region is rich in history, most famously as the home of a certain bloodthirsty Count! While Dracula might be fictional, something is mesmerising about this heavily-forested area, nestling in the foothills of the snow-peaked Carpathian Mountains, with many charming fortified churches to explore. Take along a picnic, then find a tranquil spot overlooking plunging gorges and winding rivers.

    Cantacuzino Castle

    Lying in the shadow of the 2,500-meter tall Bucegi Mountains in the middle of Romania, this beautiful building was constructed as recently as 1911, in the delightful Neo-Romanian style. The estate surrounding the castle stretches for some 3,000 square meters and boasts many scenic paths winding through verdant landscapes. Feast your eyes on the collection of Romanian heraldry housed in the central pavilion, as well as marveling at the eyecatching décor inside the main building.

    King Michael I Park

    After a day browsing through Bucharest shopping thoroughfares, what better way to escape the hustle and bustle of Romania’s capital than heading to the scenic north of the city? Once known as Herăstrau Park, this idyllic location is centered on a tranquil lake reflecting the gorgeous scenery like a mirror. There’s a rustic area containing a Village Museum, depicting various aspects of Romanian life throughout the ages (including over 270 authentic peasant dwellings). This represents an excellent way for you and your other half to savor Balkan culture, keeping one eye open for a mouth-watering eaterie where you can enjoy sampling the local cuisine.

    Unirii Square

    This location has always been popular with visitors to Romania. Situated at the heart of Bucharest, you and your partner can immerse yourself in the colorful sights and sounds of a cultural hub. In the middle of the square, you’ll discover a delightful park, where fountains attract sightseers. The square, one of the city’s busiest attractions, is surrounded by wonderful architectural masterpieces, such as the Palace of Parliament, and the neoclassical concert hall, the Athenaeum, renowned for its Ancient Greek-style columns. Like many of the urban landscapes you’ll come across in Romania, this was built when the country was languishing behind the Iron Curtain, its sheer scale a testament to the grandiose desire of the ruling Communist regime to make bold statements. Nowadays, the welcoming locals are always willing to invite you to partake of their hospitality in restaurants and coffee shops.

    Portul Turistic Tomis

    This is another romantic destination where you can chill, grab a delicious coffee, then watch the world go by. There’s a terrific view of the charming seafront, where a diverse range of yachts and other vessels bob along with the waves rolling into Port Constanta from the vast Black Sea stretching to the horizon. The port’s Old Town has long been a magnet for visitors, and you can wile away many an hour exploring the souvenir and crafts shops, searching for mementoes of your romantic getaway.

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