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Are you looking for a cheap or budget-friendly car rental company for booking a car according to your budget? Well, there are a lot of options for you especially when you are in an advanced city like Dubai. You can opt for Thrifty rent a car service as it is one of the most reliable rentals companies in UAE. By booking a car from this company, you can commute around the different Emirates of UAE at your own pace. If you still want to explore other car rental companies, keep the following points in mind before making a final decision. These simple tips will help you to rent cheap cars within your budget.

1- Book Off-Airport

Thrifty rent a car: Book Cheap Car Rentals

It is always advisable for you to not skip the airports whenever you are flying to another city or country. Because most of the car rental companies often charge more when you rent a car directly from the airport. You can either use a shuttle just off the airport or hire a taxi or cab, it will be a cheaper option for you. But if it is a matter of only a few dollars then do not compromise on your ease and convenience as some of the car rental companies do not charge that much if you are going to book a car from them.

2- Make Good Research on Several Website

Whenever you have to get a rental car, first research on sites like Kayak, Priceline, Hotwire, and other such types of online travel agencies. In this way, you have a better opportunity to compare several options and to get narrow in on the best deals. It is good to check at least three travel agency websites before booking your car. And then you can go directly to the car rental company site and may find a steeper discount like “pay with now” options. But keep in mind that rentals you have paid in advance are non-refundable. 

3- Leverage Memberships

Do you have a membership to Costo? If yes, then you can certainly use it to save money on booking your next car rental. It is said that Costo constantly beats full-price rental cars on online travel companies. And it also gives you a bonus that is you can often add a chauffeur for free. Moreover, membership in AAA is another great way to save money. They may offer you about 8 and 10% on Dollar and Thrifty respectively. And getting an extra 8 and 10% off can make a huge difference and sometimes AAA membership also beats Costo in price. 

4- Book a Car from discounted Brands

We all know that car rental company such as Hertz, Anis, and Budget are popular companies. And many times, these are the companies you go to. But numerous smaller companies are cheap and worth looking for cheap car rentals. You can also check the discounted brands like Dollars, Payless, Thrifty, Advantage that are also offering you the best cars at lower rates than big named car rental companies. Although they do not have that eye-catching and fancy website with extensive location than big companies, they have even better prices for you. And when you are going to book a car for the long term, they may multiply your savings.

5- Hire an Economy Car

Economy cars are generally the cheapest and most likely to be booked in the UAE. You can use this for your benefits when you are looking for budget-friendly car rentals. Most car rental companies will try their best to upsell you to a fancy and luxury car model that is expensive too. You would never have to take these offers. While renting a car from such companies, you will always have to rent the smallest and most affordable vehicle available. But do not book something too small for your large family so that you will be stuck in it with your luggage. How can you adjust with cramming 5 people with luggage bags into a two-door coupe only? So book it according to your need and requirement.

6- Stick to Single Driver

Most car rental agencies will charge you a daily and extra fee by adding an extra driver. If you are going for a long road trip it may take a toll and is understandable if you add an extra chauffeur to get the miles. However, you should be aware of it because adding an extra diver can cost you about 12 dollars a day (at least). This price may vary with the location and with different car rental companies. In case you must have to add a driver, see if you have a chance to waive this cost with your car rental company. As some companies already waive it, if another driver is your domestic partner or spouse.

7- Skip the insurance or use your own

So you have done good research and found the best car rental for your booking. Well, it is a tough task because most people pat themselves on the back. Another way to save your money while renting a car is to never avail the insurance policy provided by that company. That company convinces and even forces you to get its insurance policy but you totally do not need it. If you have your own car, your primary insurance will likely cover you all over when you are using a rental car. You can also use your credit card to pay for the car rentals that also include some basic insurance coverage. You can also rent a car from Dollar rental cars companies as they also operate in different areas. To learn more about the Dollar rent a car to get more information.

Final thoughts Renting a car is an easy-peasy way to enjoy your trip at your own pace. Make sure to do your research to get cheap car rental solutions in Dubai. A little research will help you save a lot of bucks. So keep going!

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