Halloween. There are so many great options for costumes. There are many options for great costumes if you have long hair.

    You can dress up as Foxy Cleopatra, Austin Powers’s Foxy Cleopatra. You just need to choose the right outfit and spray on some gold streaks to your hair. Beyonce was able to wear a variety of costumes for the role. However, the most memorable is the small bra top and bell-bottomed pant made of gold lame fabric. You can actually wear any afro short wigs with any bra/midriff top, as long as you have the right one. You can add a little gold body shimmer dust to complete the look.

    Lauryn Hill is another option for young ladies with afro costumes. Although she is known for wearing her hair in dreadlocks, the beautiful recording artist has worn her hair naturally afro-styled many times. After securing the right wig, you can put together a costume that combines the eclectic east coast style and pieces from her African roots. Many photos are available online for your reference.

    Annie is one of the most popular costumes with an Afro. This adorable orphan was among the first to sport an afro. The costume is easy to make. A red dress with a white collar, belt, and black patent leather Mary Janes with lace-trimmed ankle socks and the trademark red haired afro will be required. Finish the look with freckles on your cheeks.

    Macy Gray, another pop singer, would make a great costume for Halloween with an afro. Although celebrities may occasionally sport an afro, it is a part of her personality and style. Her dress is varied, but she usually wears jeans and a casual, yet quirky top. Other important parts of her costume include her signature gap between her front teeth and her gravelly voice.

    A hippie might be a good idea for a man costume with an afro.You can make this costume with an afro-wig, a simple T-shirt or casual bell sleeves, or a pair of colorful bell bottomed trousers. As an accessory, you can add a hairband to complete the look.

    Even though we are still in the same decade, or at least the same era of history you could be a Black Panther wearing an afro-wig. The classic uniform is black from head to toe, and a black leather jacket completes it. A black beret or fake machine gun are two costume pieces that will clearly indicate your intent.

    Richard Simmons is a funny character that you can dress up in an afro-wig for Halloween. This super-energetic exercise fanatic has such a wild personality that only extreme flamboyance is required. You will need to wear short athletic shorts and a tank top with a wrestling motif for this costume. You can complete the look by wearing a pair sneakers with high-quality tube socks.

    Don King is another classic Halloween costume that features an afro. The boxing promoter Don King has earned a reputation for his outrageous speech and personality. A tuxedo and his signature glasses will be the best choice. It is best to walk around all night making up new words.

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