OneTouch to Create Luxurious Land-based Casino Experience Online


If you follow happenings in the casino world, you probably might have heard of OneTouch – a leading provider of live dealer content, bringing the land-based casino experience to the mobile world.

In an interview, OneTouch‘s Petra Maria Poola divulged a long-term trend towards mobile-first content for casino game developers.

They also added that the rapid pace of technological change would mean players are more likely to move their attention from playing from desktop to mobile, even in emerging markets.

In the same vein, the head of business development and operations at OneTouch exposed that while multi-channel optimisation remains a critical feature, players are more likely to prefer the convenience that comes with playing on mobile even when they’re staying home.

The fact that casino bonuses are now available to mobile users facilitates this move even further. Online Casino commentator, NoDepositDaily, was enthusiastic about the move, stating, “once solely the domain of regular ‘desktop’ online casinos, no deposit bonuses are increasingly being sought out and used on internet-enabled devices. This means you can play one or more real money casino games with 100% free cash or free spins by accessing top online casinos in the palm of your hand.”

Poola exposed more about OneTouch’s latest live dealer product, their interest in new opportunities in the Latin American markets and bringing the live dealer feature of land-based experience to the mobile world.

Land-based casinos have been a major tourist attraction and revenue for years in locations like Las Vegas. Is it possible that innovations like OneTouch’s live dealer products could render land-based casinos obsolete?

A sneak-peek into the new live dealer product

Players on the go will enjoy the luxury of a land-based casino as it comes with 16 roulette, baccarat, and blackjack tables set up in a luxurious, high-end betting virtual environment.

Customers can also gamble on several tables, which isn’t available in a land-based casino. The product runs at a higher speed than typical live dealer games to increase the level of suspense.

In addition to being utterly compliant with cryptocurrency, the latest offering provides interactive gaming, allowing players who love a particular dealer to stay with them while simultaneously trying out other tables.

This interactivity can also be seen in the product’s live chat feature, allowing gamblers to communicate with one another even though they are betting in different casinos.

Indeed, the face-to-face interactions you get at a land-based casino can never be wholly replicated online. Still, OneTouch’s latest live dealer is a compelling alternative that offers convenience at a time when many land-based casinos are still closed.

How the new live product caters to VIP customers

A separate VIP room is included in the product, with unique prizes and discounts available exclusively to players in that category. Plus, OneTouch’s PMP teamed up with Bombay Club, which runs a VIP live casino studio in Tallinn, Estonia’s capital, to offer players on-the-go the ultimate luxury land-based experience.

The company’s original idea was to enable players to grip the handrail of a bus with one hand while playing great games with the other, and this latest product introduces the thrill to live dealer fans, including VIPs.

How OneTouch plans to exploit the mobile-first content market

A long-term shift toward mobile-first advertising is undeniable. Mobile devices currently account for 70% of their total sales and about 60% of all casino revenues. Because of the fast speed of technological transition in developing markets worldwide, many people have abandoned their personal computers in favour of their cell phones.

The spread of smartphone use and internet connectivity is expected to accelerate. OneTouch PMP’s trademark blend of mobile-first interfaces and single-touch interactivity places them in a unique place to capitalise on it.

Does OneTouch still intend to diversify?

The importance of multi-channel optimisation cannot be overstated. Last year’s lockdown restrictions pushed people all over the world to spend more time at home, lowering demand for on-the-go entertainment.

However, being at home does not often imply that people can choose a laptop computer; players who are stuck at home often use mobile content more conveniently. When you see that lockdown constraints are gradually relaxing, it’s evident that, while multi-channel content is still relevant, mobile is the way of the future as predicted in this article of over ten years.

How does OneTouch intend to exploit the Latin American markets as regards enhancing broadband infrastructure?

In addition to the agreements, they signed with the likes of Jazz Gaming Solutions, a quickly expanding regional platform provider, OneTouch’s PMP recently partnered up with the popular continental operator Sellatuparley.

The naming of Unai Concha Olabarrieta as their market development director, now business development boss, last year boosted their Latin American outreach. Unai brings a wealth of regional expertise to the table, having impressed as the Latin American boss for Coingaming Group, making him a valuable member of the team.

What players should expect from OneTouch this year

OneTouch PMP announced that they’d improve the functionality of their premium live dealer games over the next six months, with back-end technological changes very possible. However, the most significant improvement is expected to be in the lobby.

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