Whether you’re traveling for work or a well-deserved vacation, meeting with clients, having a company meeting, or you are hosting an event, the hotel you choose plays an important role in the overall outcome. The hotel determines how great the experience will be. 

    You must have searched for “luxury hotels near me” to find the best hotels. But how can you identify a luxury hotel before booking a room for your holiday? What makes a hotel nicer than almost any other? Which features qualify a hotel near you as a luxury hotel?

    What is a luxury hotel?

    Hotels allow you to lodge on their premises for a short period of time, in exchange for payment. This kind of hospitality service dates back to the inns of medieval times where innkeepers allowed travelers to lodge in their inns, also for payment. 

    It was this culture that evolved into the hotels we have today. However, there are several years of upgrades in services, architecture, and terms of service.

    What we consider luxury hotels today started when these inns began catering to the elite and rich. Also, modern hotels, as they are known today began in the late 1700s and luxury hotels can be said to have begun in the 1800s. By the 19th century, luxury hotels, different from inns, were being opened. 

    Must have features of luxury hotels

    There are a few features that can help you recognize a luxury hotel. This section will highlight some of them.


    Every good hotel needs an equally good concierge, but a luxury hotel has a top-rated concierge. The concierge receives guests at the hotel. Before that, the concierge helps during the booking. The hotel’s concierge must be knowledgeable about things like great restaurants near you, trips, sights, and everything else you need to make your stay as pleasant as you want it. 

    The luxury hotel’s concierge is your best friend during the duration of your stay at the hotel. Not only does a luxury hotel’s concierge well versed with the hotel, but they also help guide guests. A great concierge can get you a reservation at the nicest restaurant in town and just in time for your anniversary dinner.

    Environment, Atmosphere, and Ambience.

    From the pictures on the hotel website, you can determine whether it is a luxury hotel. The environment in such places are usually serene, with heavily manicured plant life and other features that evoke beauty and a sense of calm. The atmosphere is peaceful. There should also be no clash of moods between the exterior and the interior. 

    Inside, luxury hotels have great views. Whether it is views of the sprawling city beneath you or a beautiful vista. The views from within luxury hotels are always great. 


    Luxury hotels cater to a high-class clientèle and as a result must, as a matter of necessity, have the kind of security that makes their clientèle feel at ease. 

    Welcome and Goodbye Package

    Luxury hotels welcome their guests with gifts, such as chocolate, macaroons, flowers, and wine. Guests also get gifts when checking out of the hotel, sometimes they are locally sourced gifts. They are always great keepsakes to remember the experience by.

    Transportation Services

    Another distinguishing feature of luxury hotels is their transportation and transfer services. A luxury car like Limousine, or Rolls-Royce, is used to pick up guests and bring them to the hotel or drop them off at their destinations, usually an airport. Sometimes, if the guest is high rolling enough, some luxury hotels use helicopters. In Venice, some luxury hotels use boats to transport their guests.


    Luxury hotels will have the most polite, helpful employees, a butler service, and a concierge gives the tour. Usually, in your suite, you get welcome gifts like sweets, wine, welcome notes, and more. These things make you feel right at home. 

    Other services that a luxury hotel must excel at include;

    • Room service – this is a basic of any kind of reputable hotel. 
    • Top rate amenities in the room and suite – this usually a TV with lots of channels to pick from, minibars, robes, slippers, appliances like coffee makers, turndown services, etc.
    • Laundry services.
    • Excellent valet service.
    • Attention to special requests.
    • Restaurant and bar services.
    • The very best toiletries and towels. Lots of towels.

    Another excellent part of luxury hotels’ services is the accommodation and attention they pay to special occasions like proposals and surprises. They go all out for things special occasions, ensuring that everything is in place and in order. 

    Events, Meeting, and Conference Facilities

    Luxury hotels are not the only destinations for getaways and holiday lodgings. Any luxury hotel worth its salt also provides, besides its excellent lodgings, facilities for meetings, conferences, and events. Their facilities usually include comfortable seating, wifi, great ambiance, projection services, and catering services, amongst others. This does not include whatever extra requests the client may have. These events can be either inside the building or outside it, hence the need for an exquisite environment, atmosphere, and ambiance.

    Pools, Spa, and other facilities

    Pools are a necessary part of all hotels. And luxury hotels have the best, sometimes they even have multiple. Indoor pools and outdoor pools, children’s pools, and hot tubs. Some luxury hotels also provide spa and salon services to guests, amongst other services including gyms, golfing, etc, essentially making some of these luxury hotels, destinations themselves. 

    Rooms and Interior

    The interior must match the exterior. Check if the hotel has a beautiful setting inside the hotel and inside the room. Also, look at the room design and the amenities in it. Some amenities include wifi, heating, secure storage, plush spa robes, luxury bedding, luxury bathtubs, and more. There are many types of rooms, so you can choose the most suitable one. Luxury hotels often provide the best views of the city. 


    Luxury has nothing to do with stars, but most luxury hotels do not have less than a four-star rating. If you are particular about getting luxurious treatment during your holiday, finding a luxury hotel is essential.

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