Marriage in UAE for people following Islam is governed under the Sharia Marriage Law. Marriage is known as ‘Nikah’ defines marriage as a legal contract between two individuals. Unlike the western tradition, where marriage is a sacrament, a marriage under Sharia Law is actually a social contract. The Sharia law has provisions that respect both genders and supports Muslim marriages to flourish.

    For a Muslim woman to marry, she has to consent from her guardian. The Muslim bride has to obtain the consent of her father, who is her first guardian. In the UAE, an Emirati woman marrying an expatriate man must obtain the consent of her guardian. The groom has to obtain a certificate of good conduct issued in the UAE. Along with this, the groom must be a valid resident of the UAE and should be a national of a legitimate state.

    The Muslim bride’s father must be in a sound state of mind to provide consent for the marriage. If, in any case, he is medically unfit or in case of his death, the next male legal guardian, such as the elder brother, can provide permission for the Muslim Brides marriage.

    Additionally, under the Sharia Law, there should be a “Shari” or valid reason for a guardian to revoke the Muslim Brides marriage. The Wali (guardian) cannot place his own interests when it comes to providing consent for marriage. A collective decision can deem him as unfit to perform his duties as a guardian, and the guardianship can be passed on to someone else like an elder brother.

    The Sharia Law in Irwaa Al Ghaleel, Al Albaani – May Allah have mercy on Him, Hadith states,” A Muslim woman who married without the permission of her Wali (Guardian), her marriage to the Muslim man is termed as invalid.”

    It further states, “If a Muslim women/ Muslim bride doesn’t have a guardian at all, the ruler can be the guardian in such cases.”

    The ultimate person is the ruler; however, Wali can be anyone from elder brother to grandfather.

    The Sharia law protects the interests and growth of the Muslim religion. Hence, it is allowed for the male to marry a non-muslim woman; however, the husband must be a Muslim for a Muslim Bride. In this case, the proof of conversion to Islam is a must before getting married to a Non-Muslim Male.

    On the other hand, if the Muslim bride has a Non-Muslim father, she will require a No Objection Certificate to proceed with her marriage. A UAE marriage certificate will only be issued if Muslim marriage follows the Sharia requirements. Hence at the time of marriage, both the bride and the groom are of the Muslim religion.

    Few other essential requirements for Muslim Marriages in the UAE.

    Divorced/ Widowed Women must provide legal proof of the separation or death of her husband.

    A particular person is required to marry a spouse who is twice the age of the other spouse.

    A premarital screening certificate is necessary from one of the following to establish the absence of genetic diseases and transferable diseases.

    Ministry of Health and Prevention

    Department of Health Abu Dhabi

    Dubai Health Authority

    In the UAE, the marriage contract must be registered with the Sharia Court.

    During the civil marriage, the presence of the bride’s father as the Wali is essential. If this is not possible, then another male guardian and two male Muslim witnesses are required.

    In the UAE, the marriage certificates are attested by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Hence if you have any enquiries about how to attest to a marriage certificate in the UAE, click here.

    For a wedding in the UAE, the agreeing couple who wish to marry must attend the court at the appointed date of marriage.

    According to Sharia Law, the legal age for marriage is 18 Hijri Years.

    A Muslim man may marry a non-Muslim lady from Ahl-Al-Khitaab, such as a Christian woman, under Sharia Law.

    Where can one register for marriage online?

    The Ministry of Justice has the EZawaj System. The Dubai Courts have an online application for marriage contracts in Dubai. Under the E-Marriage service, couples can book an appointment with the marriage officer by registering with their ID card. Several other marriage services, legal assistance, and guidance on Sharia Marriages.

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