Having a weave applied is a tedious task. For most weaves it takes about 4 hours from start to finish by the methods of either having it sewn in, glued in or fused in. Some of the new techniques are much faster but can still take up to 2 hours from start to finish. For women that do not have hours to spend at the salon, quick weaving is the perfect solution.

    What is a quick weave? Quick weaving is the process of creating a weave that is not sewn on, glued or adhered directly to the hair. The fastest method for doing a quick weave is to make a stocking cap quick weave wig.

    To get started you are going to need a few items: a shower cap, stocking cap, continuous track hair extensions of your choice (one recommendation is Outre Duby Kiss Weave), anti-fungal hair bond glue such as Salon 30 sec glue, weave holding spray and a rattail comb.

    Next you should corn row the hair and then place the shower cap over the corn rows. Next apply the stocking cap on top of the shower cap. Take the weave in one hand and start right at the nape area. Apply your glue to the track, start at the base of the stocking cap at the nape and lay the starting point of the track just below the left ear. Now press the track firmly as you lay the rest of the track following the shape of the head. You can then spray a little bit of holding spray above the area you just laid the track down at. There is no need to cut the track, instead you will continue to wrap the weave around the head, and making sure the tracks are laying 1″ apart from one another. Continue wrapping around the head until you reach your closure at the crown of the head.

    Once you reach the crown you will continue to go around and round to enclose the wig only you will be laying the tracks directly upon one another. Once you get to the end of the closure, cut off the end leaving approximately a 3″ tail end. Now roll the tail end towards the closure and place glue on the rolled track edges. Point the track edges downward into the closer and then use the end of a rat tail comb to press and secure the last section into the enclosure. The comb helps you fit the section right into the closure properly.

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