How to improve concentration while studying


The main reason for academic failure is not negligence, but the inability to concentrate on the process. We will tell you how to become more productive and concentrated in this article.

Say “no” to multitasking

There is good Chinese wisdom on this matter: “When you wash a cup – think about the cup.” Perhaps this advice is quite obvious, but it is constantly neglected.

Have you ever noticed how hard it is to write an outline when you have to simultaneously type a message on social networks or watch another meme? The modern pace of life and an endless flow of information forces us to be in multitasking mode 24/7, but unfortunately, this has a bad effect on the brain and impairs memory.

Researchers at Stanford University conducted a study that showed that people who tend to do several things at once, later cope worse even with a single task. That’s why students who try to do everything at once often seek essay help because they cannot absorb the study material.

Take a rest

When the brain is constantly loaded and the only break is sleep, performance is greatly reduced and concentration slips away. Therefore, it is necessary to periodically distract yourself with quiet activities that do not require active mental activity.

For example, go for a walk, go for a light jog, listen to music. So you will be able to relax and recover a little.

Take care of your workplace

If you sit in the classroom, and there are a lot of unnecessary objects lying around, it will be difficult to focus on the learning process. The same applies to any other location where you are writing an outline, studying material, or preparing for an exam.

Try to remove yourself from extraneous conversations, and if it is not possible, take headphones and turn on any monotonous melody.

Pay attention to the lighting: the dimmer the light, the more you want to sleep. It is worth choosing places with bright illumination.

Use apps

Some apps help you focus and get your work done on time:

  • Forest. It contains an interesting concept: you “grow your own forest” while completing a task. In addition to the app, you can not use other functions of the phone, otherwise, the tree will die.
  • FocusBooster. Great for those who need to focus on a small but uninteresting or difficult task. The timer works for 25 minutes, after which it gives time for a break.
  • StayFocused. Here you don’t set a time to work, but a time to rest and visit social media.
  • Time Out. An app that will keep your eyes from overexerting themselves and will remind you to take breaks at certain intervals.

Do exercises

Let’s look at a few methods and exercises to improve your concentration skill:

  • Choose a “victim.” Any public place will be suitable for this exercise. The more people in it, the better. It is necessary to focus your attention on any moving object: a car, a passerby, a dog, a balloon flying by, and try to keep your eyes on it as long as possible.
  • Read in transportation. Or any other noisy place. After learning to concentrate in such “extreme” conditions, it will be much easier to concentrate in quieter ones. Remember, this method should only be used as an exercise. You should not be preparing for a serious exam on a crowded bus.
  • Sasaki technique. A rather curious method used by photographer Chris Sasaki. When he realizes he’s mentally distracted, he says to himself, “Attention!” You can use any other word or phrase that puts you in the mood for work.
  • Change your posture. If you feel that you cannot concentrate in any way, try taking a pose that is unusual for you – it’s good for your muscles and helps tone up your mind.
  • Check the boxes. Each time you get distracted, put notes on a piece of paper. This technique is also excellent for reading difficult literature: check the box at the moment when your attention begins to disappear, and then reread the fragment.

We hope our tips were useful to you and you will get this difficult skill.

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