Horseracing has a long history, it has been enjoyed and practiced across the world for centuries. From chariot races in ancient Greece to the first documented race in France in 1651, it’s fair to say that it’s long been one of the most popular sports globally for a long time.

    With the sport of horse racing having such a storied past, it’s no surprise there’s a wealth of information out there. It’s great for fans because there are no more passionate supporters than those who love sport, with each fan yearning for a wealth of knowledge about their favorites. So that’s where we come in.

    Across the world, there are so many top riders in horse racing, so we have compiled a list of some of the best and have a look at some of their achievements. Let’s get into it.

    1. Yutaka Take
    2. John Velazquez
    3. Frankie Dettori
    4. James McDonald

    Yutaka Take

    Take is Japan’s all-time leading money earner in horse racing; he’s brought a startling amount of money to the various stables he’s ridden for in a career that’s spanned over 20 years. Consider his rookie season in racing in 1987; he rode 69 winners in one season, setting him up for a career of unmatched success anywhere in the world. He is estimated to have won in the region of $880m so far, and if he wasn’t influential enough through his sporting prowess, after marrying singer Ryoko Sano in 1995, it thrust him into the spotlight even further as one-half of one of the most powerful couples in the Far East.

    John Velazquez

    Velazquez is the biggest name in racing in America and has amassed almost $500m in his career, taking over 6,000 victories in a career that started in 1990 after he relocated to New York. He was quickly renowned for his coolness under pressure, and it’s stayed throughout his career, highlighted by the Puerto Rican being listed in the top ten earning riders in America since the turn of the millennium. Velazquez is also one of a handful of riders who have won the Kentucky Derby on multiple occasions, and he’s the current reigning champion after winning the 2021 event aboard Medina Spirit.

    Frankie Dettori

    The likeable Italian is an iconic figure in horse racing in Europe, and there was no more significant a performance than an unmatched winning record at Ascot in 1996. Dettori was the jockey who rode all seven winners, cementing his name in racing history. Dettori is unlikely to repeat that feat, but he could have another Ascot winner in 2022. He’s expected to ride Stradivarius in June, the second favorite in the current race odds from Coral. There is speculation around how much longer he can go on as his career already spans well over three decades; with such a lengthy career under his belt, it’s hardly surprising to note he’s earned in excess of $200m. But, the 51-year-old he insists he’s not looking at hanging up his saddle just yet, which means we may well see quite a few more numbers added to his 3,000 plus winners to date.

    James McDonald

    McDonald was recently inducted in the New Zealand Racing Hall of Fame, highlighting his impact on the sport in the Southern Hemisphere and beyond. McDonald has won over 1,800 races in his career to date and is currently the top-earning rider in Australia, taking more than double the earnings of his nearest rival, accumulating over $16.5m this season at the time of writing. As Reuters reported he stormed to victory in November the 2021 Melbourne Cup riding Verry Elleegant which typified why he’s been so successful. His performance showed just how much of an exciting rider he is and why McDonald is arguably the best to watch in the world at the moment.

    We hope you enjoyed that look at some of the wealthiest riders in horse racing; while they don’t match the earnings of some of the β€˜30 Richest Sportsmen in the World in’, their accolades are very impressive indeed.

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