Nose pins have been in the world for centuries. They have not been just a symbol of fashion but also traditional values. In fact, nose pins also have emotional sentiments attached to them in South Asian cultures.

    As the years passed, nose pins have also seeped into the trend as trendy accessories. Their versatility makes them a hit choice among women. If you have always wanted to add a nose pin to your look, make sure you read this article till the end.

    Below, we have discussed different types of nose pins and shared some of our best options from a vast collection of nose pins. Read on!

    Types of Nose Pins

    When it comes to nose pin types, you can find plenty based on the type of materials, style, and elements used. A few common ones you might like are:

    • Nose stud: The most common one is a nose stud that comes in different shapes and sizes. You can wear a simple round stone stud or go for any unconventional shape. Diamond nose studs are popular as they look chic and classy with every outfit. One of the best perks of having stud nose pins is that they suit every face type. Just select one and add a touch of elegance to your entire look.
    • Nose ring: Nose rings are also popular. As the name suggests, these are designed in ring size. They are often studded with colourful gems or diamonds. Modern designs may also have floral or geometrical motifs at the top to make such nose pins more appealing. However, nose rings are not suitable for all face types. Try these only if you have an angular face, as it softens the sharpness of your features.
    • Septum ring: If you want to stand apart from the crowd, a septum ring is something you should give a thought. These are worn between the nostrils. Since they are a bit quirky, not everyone can carry these off. If you feel you have the style and confidence to pull these off, do try septum rings.

    Our Favourite Picks

    Finding the perfect nose pin can be a daunting task. After all, there are too many to choose from. To make it a bit easier, we have searched for some of the prettiest yet safest options anyone can try. Let’s dive in:

    • 14kt Yellow Gold Nose Pin

    This dainty nose pin is the epitome of simplicity and beauty. The hexagonal pyramid ensures it’s not cliché, while the high-polished finish maintains its sophistication. You can wear it daily by easily sliding the end of the wire through the piercing.

    • 14kt Yellow Gold Diamond Nose Pin

    If you are not a lover of gold, get your hands on this sparkling nose pin encrusted with diamonds. The triangular shape adds to its distinctiveness. You can wear it with both casual and ethnic attire without any trouble.

    • 14kt Everyday Essentials Yellow Gold Diamond Nose Pin

    Floral designs in nose pins can never go wrong. This one is especially a perfect choice, with a single diamond at the top and gold beads making a bold statement. Its shine and design will take care of the glamour.

    • 14 Kt Rose Gold Petite Nose Pin with Studded Diamonds

    Let’s move a bit away from yellow gold and look at this stunning rose gold nose pin. The stylish design with little diamonds will make you the star at any party. While you can also wear it for daily use, we would still suggest you save it for special occasions.

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