Your bedroom should feel like one of the most luxurious rooms in your home; after all, it’s where you rest your weary head each night.

    And luxury is about surrounding yourself with beauty and comfort – luckily this is something that can be done on a budget so you don’t have to worry about spending lots of money to get your room looking just right.

    If you’re preparing for an interior design makeover, here are some simple luxury bedroom decorating ideas for your home.

    1. Invest in New Bedding

    The best area to create a luxurious atmosphere is around the bed, which often serves as the room’s focal point.

    Start with cosy additions such as soft bedding, a plush comforter, and comfortable cushions.

    Luxury isn’t just visual, and after time our mattresses can lead to sleepless nights. If you want to slip into a comfortable bed each night, then consider a new mattress from the experts at Archers Sleep Centre.

    A new mattress can be the final touch it takes to make you fall in love with your bedroom once more.

    • Add More Pillows

    Accent pillows with decorative designs add an air of luxury to any room, so don’t be scared to make your bed with more than one.

    To give your bedding a trendy look, mix up the colours, patterns, and textures. At the end of the day, your bed will be even more appealing.

    Discover the wide range from, their vast selection means that you’ll be sure to find the perfect styles to suit your aesthetic.

    • Decorate with Beautiful Textiles

    Soft, elegant textiles significantly change the feel of a room, making it seem much more upscale with a few simple additions.

    For example, faux fur, along with silk and other similar alternatives, can quickly add a touch of glitz and glamour to your spaces.

    Or, put down a plush rug for stepping onto when you wake up in the morning and drape some soft fabric over the foot of the bed.

    • Add Unique Accents

    True luxury is about enjoying a place and feeling exceptional there. Treat yourself to luxuries like candles, flowers (genuine or fake), and anything else you enjoy.

    If you prefer listening to music, for instance, add an iPod dock or stereo, so you can play music while you unwind. You could also set up a coffee bar and a cosy chair, so you can have a cup of coffee in the morning without even leaving the comfort of your room.

    • Use Soft Lighting

    The way a room is lit may totally change how it looks and feels. In a bedroom, choose soft lighting to create a feeling of luxury.

    Keep the fixtures low, and stay away from strong lighting such as fluorescents; overhead lighting can create unflattering shadows in the space.

    You could even use colour change bulbs such as those supplied by Philips Hue to give you ultimate control over the colour, temperature, and intensity of the lighting.

    How have you given your bedroom that luxury feel? Share your design tips in the comments below!

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