Following the advent of iDebit online casinos in recent years, millions of people across the globe are playing online casino games for the excitement and the potential money that could be gained in the process. Casino gambling has always offered to be a broad demographic which comprises the poor, rich, young and old. This also means that you can easily spot a celebrity at a casino, even better is that is you can find yourself playing against some celebrity. It is famously known that celebrities not only visit land-based casinos to catch some fun but also to win at their games.

    Some of them were able to build a good reputation while some did the opposite while indulging in casino activities. A lot of gambling lessons can be learned from their stories. In this article, we will be listing out a few of these famous celebrities.

    Ben Affleck

    Ben Affleck is one of the most popular celebrities in the entertainment industry and his love for gambling is also famously known by the media. He is a successful player when it comes to table games, and he was placed on a long-term ban by Hard Rock Casino for his amazing memory that helps him count cards without having a team! Rumours had it that the famous actor acted likes a jerk in the casino to get the ban but the main reason was his amazing memory for counting cards. The Batman actor has reportedly made millions of dollars while playing Blackjack at this particular casino. And ever since his ban, Affleck shifted his focus to online casino games like online baccarat and poker.

    Michael Jordan

    Popularly acknowledged to be the greatest basketball player of all time, Michael Jordan is not only known for his ability on the court but also as a famous gambler. During his glamorous basketball career, Jordan succeeded in claiming six titles and he was competitive in everything he does. The report has it that Jordan sometimes use the lowest wagering requirements casinos to improve his performance at the online casino. There was a time he famously lost a bet worth almost a million dollars in a single night. Now, however, Jordan plays online casino games in his leisure time, as the pandemic is still being battled across the world.

    Pamela Anderson

    Pamela Anderson’s fame in the entertainment industry began when she landed herself a role in the popular Baywatch series as well as the movie. The TV show went on for several seasons, and her inclusion in the series took it to new heights in popularity more than before.

    In 2020 the popular celebrity signed a deal with a fast payout casino in Canada which pays Pamela Anderson several millions of dollars per year.

    But aside from her acting career, Pamela is also talented at playing card games. She was noted to have met her former husband while gambling at the poker tables. While she enjoys playing table games at land-based casinos, she also loves playing online casino games.

    Jennifer Tilly

    Jennifer Tilly is another famous actress known for her gambling activities. She is considered one of the best female poker players in the world. She even went as far as participating in the World Series of Poker and defeated over six hundred competitors in a Texas Hold’em tournament. However, she retired from professional poker after pocketing a million dollars in her career. But despite retiring from professional poker, she still plays online casino games.

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