Coffee – Everything you need to know


Coffee has become one of the most consumed drinks around the world. If you are an avid drinker (of coffee, of course) you probably wonder how many types of coffee there are and where coffee really originated from. Keep reading to learn a little bit more about coffee.

A brief history on coffee

Where did coffee originate from? One of the first accounts of coffee is traced back to the horn of Africa.  The native tribes in Ethiopia would grind the coffee cherries and mix the paste with animal fat. This mixture was then rolled into small balls and used by warriors to gain energy.

One story is that of a goat herder who noticed that the animals become energetic and friskier after eating the red fruit from the coffee shrub. When the herder tased it he started dancing with energy. Some monks noticed this and began boiling the bean, drinking the liquid to stay up during the night ceremonies.

By the 15th century, coffee was being grown for large-scale trade around the Arab peninsula. In the 17th century, it made its way to Europe and that is how it started becoming a popular drink across different parts of the world.

The types of coffee beans

While the most popular is arabica, there are actually different types of coffee beans:

Arabica coffee bean        

This is one of the most popular types of coffee around the world. It is also the most commonly consumed coffee variety.  The arabica bean is considered one of the most high-quality beans and accounts for over 60% of coffee production around the globe. The arabica bean do well in high altitude places with steady rainfall and shade.  It produces coffee with quality aroma and full of flavor.

Robusta bean

After the arabica, Robusta is the second most produces and consumed coffee variety around the world. It grows best in places with irregular rainfall and hot climates. It is a hardy variety that is immune to many diseases. Robusta bean shave double the amount of caffein n arabica coffee beans. They also have a harsh taste and flavor.

Liberica bean

The Liberica coffee bean is quite rare. This variety is grown in places with specific climates. Productions of this coffee bean is scares, making it hard for farmers to scale their operations and satisfy the global demand for this coffee. The Liberica produces sweet, fruity, flowery flavor that has a woody taste to it.

Before the 19th-century Liberica coffee was not very popular. During the 19th century, a disease known as coffee rust eliminated so many of the arabica plants around them, causing a huge influx in production of the commodity.  The Philippines took this opportunity to harvest and sell Liberica coffee in large supplies. Unfortunately, us put some economic sanctions and cut of coffee supplies, which then led to the downfall of this coffee bean supply and production.


Excelsa belongs to the Liberica family however it is a bit different.  It is commonly grown in the Southeast Asia region and the least popular coffee around the globe. This coffee has a fruity flavor and tastes a bit tart.

Types of coffee

Green coffee

All the types of coffee start off as green coffee. Green coffee is simply the regular coffee beans that have not been subjected to the roasting process. This means that the beans remain completely raw. For that reason, green coffee tastes completely different when compared to its roasted counterpart. When brewed, it gives off a mild, herbal flavor. Green coffee contains chlorogenic acid that has anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties. Green coffee also contains the same amount of caffein you would find in roasted coffee beans.

Roasted coffee

Coffee is roasted to bring out the familiar roast taste and flavor. Roasting beans causes the chemical changes that darken the bean and affect its taste. Here are 4 types of coffee roast: light, medium, medium dark and dark roast Light roast gives coffee a light brown color and dry sheen with a fruity flavor and high acidity.  Medium roast gives the beans a medium color, drysheen, fullerflavor and less acid. A medium dark roast gives your coffee a rich, dark Chesnutt color, the perfect balance pf aroma and brightness. The dark roast gives the coffee beans a dark brown color, low acidity and very expressive taste and flavor.

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