In India, married women commonly wear toe rings. Hindu culture says that the toe ring is a sign of a woman’s marital status, along with other symbols like kumkum, mangalsutras, nose rings, and bangles. In India, married women are very fond of toe rings whether they are Hindu, Muslim, or from any other religion

    In Kannada, a toe ring is called Kal-ungura; in Hindi, Bichiya; in Tamil, Metti; and in Telugu, Mettelu. Toe rings are typically made of silver and worn in pairs on both feet. Although highly popular as an accessory, it is often advised against being worn by unmarried females since it signifies the marital status of a woman.

    In this article, let us have a look at a vast and trendy collection of toe rings to make a perfect choice!

    Entwined Silver Toe Ring

    The toe ring on this silver toe ring is made up of two twines that have been wound around one another. With this toe ring, both Indian and Western footwear would look fantastic. You can wear this toe ring every day.

    Blue Bud Silver Toe Ring


    A straightforward silver flower with a blue blossom in the centre is mounted on this toe ring. Wear them with shorts and slippers. It can be perfect for that trip to the beach, where you take so many photos of your feet in the sand!

    Zap On My Toe Silver Toe Ring


    Two square Peridot stone pieces connecting the toe ring’s opposing sides make up this silver toe ring. Both Indian and Western footwear can go along with it.

    Simple Beads Silver Toe Ring


    This silver toe ring has beadings all over the surface and a simple pattern. This item will look fantastic with ethnic clothing, especially sarees.

    Feathers Of Red Silver Toe Ring


    This silver toe ring features silver strokes on either side and is primarily covered in red enamel. This toe ring would look gorgeous with Kolhapuri chappals and an ethnic kurta suit.

    Health Benefits of Toe Rings

    According to Ayurveda, it is believed that the second toe’s nerve connects to the uterus and travels through the heart. So, the pressure from the toe ring helps regulate the menstrual cycle. Therefore, it helps maintain the health of the uterus and aids in menstruation.

    Traditionally it is advised for married women to wear a toe ring on the second toe of the feet, while for unmarried women, it is advised to be worn on their third toe since it is believed to relieve them of period cramps.

    Why Only Silver Toe Rings?

    You must have observed that toe rings are always made of silver and never gold. But have you ever wondered about the reason behind it? According to Indian tradition, gold should never be worn below the waist.

    There are many advantages to a silver toe ring.

    You must have heard growing up how silver is very good for our bodies. Silver is thought to have a history of aiding in the prevention of infections, the healing of wounds, and even the treatment of cancer and arthritis. The polar energy of the earth can be absorbed and transmitted to our bodies through silver.

    According to belief, wearing a silver toe ring also relieves the pain a woman experiences during coitus.

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