The main bedroom aims to reset, relax, and romance. Thus, you need to ensure it looks the part. If you feel it is not having the right setting to achieve this, you need to seek ways and ideas to improve it. It can be changing the styling, opting for the best Restonic mattresses, or a complete overhaul to get a new and fresher look. Before starting on these, you need to seek tips and ideas below that speak to your style and use them in your own home.

    01. Liven up walls 

    It can feel a bit daunting to wallpaper your whole bedroom. However, there is a trick you can use to consider whether to have a portion of it or the entire room covered with wallpaper. To make it less overwhelming, choose an understated print and stick to a color story. Plus, take note if you like mixing in vintage pieces in your space. Consider what inspired look you want and blend it with the bedding you choose to give the room a balanced look. 

    02. Set up a sitting area 


    For a neutral bedroom, make an impact with layers of different materials and textures. Then set up a sitting area depending on the amount of space you have to hang out with your partner. Think of it as a more private living room, a bonus space, complete with an accent chair, small sofa, and coffee table. 

    03. Use your fireplace 

    A roaring fireplace makes the home homier. If you have one in your main bedroom as well, light it up to create a perfect ambiance, set the mood, and enjoy it. Not many are lucky to have fireplaces, do make use of yours and use them. You can use a large mirror to beautify the area around it instead of leaving it plain or using it as a storage place. Also, to add a soft touch to the stone wall, create an accent wall and have a textured ceiling. 

    04. Select an anchor item 


    As you choose what to add to your main bedroom, you can go all out and enjoy various things you can add to a bedroom setup. You can choose to have a headboard that stands out and opt to incorporate other things as well. For instance, a statement wall, a footboard, a canopy, among many others. Use a bold color and pattern to make any room, including your main bedroom, stand out. 

    05. Go minimal 

    Sometimes the less you opt for, the better your bedroom looks. You can have less and still have a sophisticated main bedroom. For instance, you can choose dark linens for your bed to create an easy elegant look to the space and keep things grounded and earthy at the same time. Make the room feel bigger by investing in a four-post bed that stretches up the ceiling. 

    06. Let the light in your room 


    Let there be light in your room to brighten it up. Allow the natural light and organic materials to bring this out for your bedroom. The formula for this is neutral bedding, white walls, and opting for minimal décor. Additionally, billowing drapes are a must-have or yet hang an ethereal canopy. The idea is to have fun to create a space with enough light. 

    07. Go all out 

    To go all out for the main bedroom, look for examples online and choose a bold look for your room. As you refresh the look of your space, add black and white drapes and blend with black and white carpeting. Add eye-catching artwork, glam light fixtures, and a luxe throw blanket, and choose delicate creams for your bed to soften the overall look of your bedroom. 

    08. Use an end stool 


    Choose an end stool that stands out from the rest of the pieces in the room. Depending on the amount of space, you can decide to pull up a bench or opt for a stool. This is a good addition to your bedroom to give you somewhere to store a blanket, and it adds the desired design polish. Plus, it does not look bulky or take up much space. 

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