A fun 60th-anniversary celebration will be a pleasant surprise for any birthday man or woman. Such a date, the representatives of older age always want to celebrate in the circle of the closest people: children, grandchildren, friends, and business partners. If you organize a bright and emotional event for the birthday person taking into account their interests, this person will not only appreciate your efforts but also understand how much he or she is precious to you.

    Preparing for any holiday begins with choosing the venue for the event. Where to celebrate the 60th anniversary? Consider the most popular and exciting options!

    Golden Style

    If a person has already decided on where to celebrate the anniversary inexpensively and wants to really celebrate the jubilee well, it is worth thinking about a holiday in the gold style. For a golden anniversary celebration, it’s just perfect. Celebrating an anniversary in the golden style can be a lot of fun. To make the party a success, a person should decorate the hall with gold 60th birthday balloons, flowers, and ribbons. Choose dishes with gold rims, and ask guests to observe the right style. The servers should be dressed in the party style and behave like real aristocrats. The menu should also be appropriate, as well as the entertainment. In this style, everyone can organize an anniversary, making the holiday unforgettable.

    Hollywood Style

    A Hollywood party is simply a chic solution for celebrating an anniversary. Organizing a cafe and restaurant for an anniversary party in this style will not be much of a problem. Each guest will be able to feel like a real star, and it will once again emphasize the importance of the event taking place.

    The Style of the 80’s

    If a person celebrates a solid anniversary or wants to plunge into the atmosphere of the 20th century, you can organize a holiday in the style of the 80’s. Of course, such a theme will be close to many. Cheerful music, a pleasant atmosphere, great company ― all this will help to make the anniversary simply unforgettable.

    To celebrate the anniversary in the style of the 80’s is worth it for people who:

    • Want to remember their youth;
    • Like cheerful and lively music;
    • Want to relax among their loved ones and have fun.

    Retro Style

    A cafe for an anniversary with retro decoration is possible without any problem. Many people would like to organize an anniversary in this style, spend the evening in a relaxed atmosphere, and remember their youth or childhood. Old music and a chic table, themed decoration of the banquet hall ― these factors will help create the right mood and spend a really good holiday. Good cafes and restaurants for a retro-style anniversary can be found a couple of weeks before the holiday, and the staff often take care of the organizational moments.

    Carnival Party

    Many have long been tired of business-style suits, corny dresses, and formal hairstyles. So that the anniversary does not become a trivial and ordinary event, you can organize just a grand carnival party. The pros of organizing a holiday in this particular style are as follows:

    • It will be interesting for young and adult guests;
    • It is possible to decorate the hall majestically;
    • Each guest will wear an original costume
    • An anniversary will allow everyone to return to their childhood, dilute the trivial atmosphere, and have a good time.

    To celebrate the anniversary, you need not be afraid to bring new ideas to life. It’s enough to find a place, set the theme, and celebrate the anniversary in a restaurant by their scenario. If you are eager to spend the anniversary in a cafe inexpensively and at the same time organize a grand celebration, you just need to include your imagination and originality.

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