5 Casino Games That Scream Luxury


For the last century or so, casinos the world over have competed to be the foremost in comfort, luxury, and over-the-top extravagance. The glitz, glamour, cocktails, and fancy dress attire complete the picture of the ultimate luxurious experience for those looking to win big.

Regardless of your actual means, most of us dream of achieving that luxury lifestyle that we see on TV and in films. Nowadays, both land-based casinos and online casino games can give you that taste of riches that we all yearn for. So, throw moderation to the wind, and let’s take a look at the top casino games played around the world and online that simply scream luxury in both atmosphere and extravagance.

#1. Roulette in Sin City

Roulette is a game for high rollers and lovers of fast-paced extravagance and Las Vegas has the most luxurious roulette tables in the world. The list of amazing Vegas casinos for indulgent roulette is long, including The Mirage, Tropicana, Golden Gate, and the MGM Grand.

These high-rolling casinos offer multiple roulette variants as well as single and double zero American roulette and European-style roulette. The generous rules offered at these VIP roulette tables mean a lower house edge, 50% stake return, and many other variant games like Riverboat Roulette and Double Ball Roulette, some of which include 7 new bets based on colored areas added to the wheel.

#2. Blackjack in Monaco

The Monte Carlo Casino in Monaco is known for high-stakes gambling and lavish accoutrements… made for wealthy tourists alone. Sadly, the citizens of Monaco are actually prohibited from partaking in the fun!

5 Casino Games That Scream Luxury

At the Monte Carlo, you’ll see the biggest blackjack pit, full of tables of flashy players and fledgling beginners. If blackjack is your game, this is the place to play. There, you’ll find a truly VIP blackjack experience with private tables, expert dealers, and an unforgettably lavish casino game.

#3. Poker in Paris

Ah, Paris. The city of love that’s brimming with classical culture and modern chic elegance. Paris is the place to be when it comes to the ultimate in flamboyant luxury at the casino table. Here is where the special games and poker tournaments are held at certain times throughout the year.

The Paris poker scene is all about stud poker games, as well as a stunning selection of baccarat and blackjack games. Check out the Lyon Vert Casino and feel like royalty, surrounded by VIP treatment and the best that poker has to offer.

#4. Baccarat in Macau

No list of luxury casino games would be complete without James Bond’s signature game: Baccarat. And there’s no better place in the world to play this opulent card game than at a VIP baccarat table in Macau, China.

5 Casino Games That Scream Luxury

This game is so popular, that over 91% of Macau’s income comes from the multiple variants of baccarat played there! The game of baccarat has been on the rise in Macau for years, as the game constantly gains popularity. With this demand has come ever more extravagant baccarat games in the casino-filled city-state.

Although Macau offers North American-style baccarat, if you’re playing with locals, you may find them playing by their own rules. The culture of the game runs deep and superstition abounds. Playing baccarat in Macau, you’ll get your own private table and staff, really adding to the luxury of the experience.

#5. Da Vinci Diamonds Slot Game

If you’re like most of us in the world right now, jetting off to a luxury casino may not be in the cards. Between Covid restrictions, social distancing, and travel becoming more complex, playing a luxury game from the comfort of your own home may be just what the doctor ordered.

Da Vinci Diamonds is a beautifully crafted slot game set in the Italian Renaissance, one of the most opulent eras of history. This 5-reel, 3-row video slot from IGT has 20 paylines and features some of the artist’s most famous paintings, accompanied by elegant classical music.

If you’re looking for convenient luxury in your casino games, look no further than Da Vinci Diamonds slot game. Da Vinci Diamonds can be played completely free using free spin bonuses with no strings attached.

Indulge in the finer things

Temperance and frugality do have their place but when it comes to casinos, their place is far, far away. If you love the lap of luxury and want to get in on the action, these games genuinely have it all. Playing the most lavish casino games in the gambling capitals of the world is a dream that can come true.

For gambling enthusiasts, there’s nothing better than trying your luck while experiencing the elegance and posh vibes of world-class casino games. Whether you’re jet setting off to the Meccas of gambling opulence or savoring luxury from the comfort of your own home.

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