“Whatever bring you down will eventually make you stronger”

                                                                                                    Alex Morgan.

    Morgan (a famous football player) stated the rule of life that anything that drains your life down will be a turning point in your life.

    The same thing happens in soccer, as time passes, the ball dancing between the feet of the players make all 22 under high pressure, nerve-wracking stress on the goalkeeper, and at that point, the one who knows the techniques, scores a goal, becomes the star of the game and everyone cheers for him.

    Soccer is not a game of feet, it is a game of heart. With over 200 countries and 250 million players worldwide, it is a game with billions of hearts.

    The game of soccer dates back thousands of years. The earliest traces of this game can be found in 206 B.C. It has influenced many players and made them dedicate their lives to this game. And then, they won awards, trophies, and millions of hearts.

    The Influence Of Soccer And Ted Lasso Show

    It seems that soccer’s popularity is increasing by the day, and that is not likely to decrease in the future. This popularity influenced the production of tv series, and audiences discovered amazing series such as Ted Lasso.

    Soccer fans loved this series due to its excellent  dialogues, filming, and amazing Ted Lasso costumes. Remember that iconic Ted Lasso tracksuit, it is loved by the fans so much that they dream of getting one. Even though it’s just a simple outfit, what made it special is the  influence of Ted Lasso. That’s how inspiring  Ted Lasso is and  so are his  sayings!

    15 Best Soccer Phrases

    There have been some great soccer players who have said some inspiring words that can boost your self-esteem and inspire your inner player to get up and go out and win the game of your life.

    If you are in search of the best soccer sayings and Ted Lasso lines, this post is a stop for you. You’ll find the best soccer quotes here that will change your process of thinking.

    1. Ted- Real Motivator


    Source: Ted Lasso – TV Series

    Some of the Ted Lasso lines are too inspiring  just like this  one!  During the harsh times, Ted Lasso not only stood firm but also encouraged his boys to never lose hope and cheered them on to victory and even in their bad times.

    2. Do it Right!


    Source: Ted Lasso – TV Series

    Rightly explained through these Ted Lasso season quotes

    If a challenge doesn’t make you anxious about fulfilling it and you are easy while completing it, you are probably doing it incorrectly.

    It may be that this challenge isn’t challenging you or you’re approaching it in the wrong way.

    3. DO NOT GIVE UP!


    The key to winning is consistency, the winners are those who never give up and keep trying. No matter if you fail in the start, it’s ok to take rest for a while but never quit.

    4. It’s All Playing with Heart


    Soccer is not just a game of feet; it’s a game of heart. It is impossible to win if you don’t play with your whole heart and try your level best.

    5. Soccer is  Life


    What does a soccer fan need?

    The simple life of eating, sleeping, and playing soccer! A soccer player’s ideal life would look like that.

    Despite being fictional, you can set up a life with all your everyday errands and spend all the spare time practicing soccer.

    6. Never Ending  Love for Soccer


    A true sportsman’s spirit! Despite an achy body, obstacles all around, but no chance to give up. Quitting is never an option for those who love their passion. The love they have for soccer is strong enough to overcome any obstacles.

    7. Life is Better with Soccer


    Everyone is tangled in one or another issue and these issues drain away some of the charm from life. However, taking part in some healthy activity, like playing soccer, will give you a lot of happiness. Enjoy yourself while playing soccer.

    8. Soccer Enthusiast


    It’s the twenty-first century, and women are more than just symbols of romance; they do what they enjoy. These glass slippers are not the taste of today’s women; they prefer playing soccer over romanticizing fictional stories.

    9. Discipline- Key to Success


    To maintain success, you need discipline, without it you have no chance. It is a bridge between soccer goals and soccer success.

    10. True Soccer Player Feels


    This is how a true sportsman feels; he knows the importance of every half and becomes excited for it. Even though he has been playing soccer for his entire life, every kickoff gives him another level of nervousness.

    11. Soccer =  Character Reflection


    As a sport, soccer does not teach you manners, nor does it teach you the basics, but it does reflect the character of the player.

    Play fair, don’t deceive or harm anyone while playing, stay honest and focused on your game and you’ll win.

    12. Set Goals, Aim High


    The resemblance between soccer and life is beautifully explained! You need goals to win, no matter if it is a soccer match or your life. Set goals to gain success in life and score goals to win.

    13. Soccer- Lifestyle


    Choosing soccer means living the life you want, not just sitting idle and thinking negatively, choosing to use your energy constructively rather than passively.

    Play soccer and make the most out of your adulthood.

    14. Do the Unexpected


    Making everyone surprised by proving your abilities and proving that you are not limited is the best feeling. There’s nothing better than proving your abilities on the ground, in front of everyone.

    15. Ted Being Ted


    Source: Ted Lasso – TV Series

    There is a touch of humor in Ted Lasso tea quotes. In an ironic way, he explained how a mother loves her son and makes him a dolt out of love.


    Bottom Lines

    “Everything is practice” – Pele

    Practice soccer, you will fail in the beginning, but don’t despair, everyone fails in the beginning, but the one who doesn’t give up reaches the sky.                                        

    It’s amazing how a quote stays in our minds for years and continues to inspire us. Make your life inspirational by achieving what you want. Keep focusing on your goals!

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